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    MS260 Muffler Mods. What do you think?

    Looks like a win to me!.......but I would have left the org. holes also. It would have been a duel port :) TT
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    stihl 034 upgrade

    Yes, you can. :) TT
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    Help identify a 066/64

    Some ways to tell in this link TT
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    066 Ignition Coil

    Plug wire could be bad. TT
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    064 carbs wanted.

    Sorry, but going to keep the Bing carb. TT
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    064 carbs wanted.

    Out of the 9 or 10 064's I have played with only one so far has had a a Bing Carb. It is on one of my 064's. TT
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    Just finished building an 056 Mag II....

    I have one word.............OUTSTANDING!!!!!! TT
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    muffler keeps coming lose.

    Are these Stihl Torx head screws?..............if not go to your dealer and pick some up. If he is like my dealer he will have a bunch of used Torx and give them to you. TT
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    041 super won't idle down

    Them 041's are good old saw's...........but have a lots of places they can suck air. :( TT
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    Was there ever an actual 076 workshop manual?

    I have a few of the older one's, but have a line on about all, if not all of the older Stihl repair manuals, IPL's and TI's TT
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    064 and 066 Crank Case weight's and measure

    From what I remember 064 and 066 (Flat Top) pre poly fly wheel all use same crank. In 1994 the crank changed from 12 to 13 needle bearings but would fit in 064 and all flat top 066's. Then in 1996 crank was changed again for the poly FW. It will not work in the 064 or flat top 066's. From...
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    Husqvarna 66

    Sometimes you can go to Bailey's saw part section and tell what parts are compatitable, it has helped me a few times in the past. TT
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    Stihl 261 vs Stihl 260? Your thoughts...

    I bought a new 260 pro just a few years ago and have 3 026's I now have a 261, I like the 026/260 saws but like the 261 better. TT
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    New MS880

    Are you talking about the old dino oils or the new syn. oils....or both? If not for AS I would have thought my 880 was running way to rich when new, as with it hitting rev limiter it sounded something like it was to rich out of the wood. TT
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    026 Harder and harder to start

    026 FW side crank seal can leak and suck air. Impulse line is another place to look. TT
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    New MS880

    From what I have read here, the bigger saws can get by on lower comp than smaller saws. IMO if it starts good, and seems to have good power. I would leave it alone. TT
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    Check the spring holes in clutch shoes for wear. TT
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    question about ms 261 from a newbie

    Not trying to be a SM but, Did you read the owners manual? TT
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    Stihl 064 air filter Need to know which one Pictures

    almondgt, I may be wrong, but IMO I would not like the type of back plate you have. The later flat filter and the HD filter pull air threw filter and into carb. The type you have looks to pull air threw the filter and then threw the back plate into the carb. With this type unless the carb...
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    Stihl 064 air filter Need to know which one Pictures

    When I get home I will try to take a few pics of my Non-HD 064 air filter. I think back plate in almondgt pictures is the early type. And from what I know it lets non-filted air come in from carb box. Then Stihl changed the back plate to #10 as shown in mtngun picture. #10 back plate is...