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    Husqvarna 350 muffler bolt fix.

    You can also safety wire the bolts together, this is easier to undo then welding them.
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    Suggestions for a light weight saw for trimming and limbing?

    The joncutter 3800 is a solid little saw and only a little over a 100 bucks. I don't have one, I have the bigger 5800, I use it for limbing, im a bigger guy and find 50cc saws pretty light...
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    Husqvarna 61 Rancher advice?

    Those 61's are quite desirable and expensive in my area. You can rebuild it or make it a 266, 268 or 272 if you want to. There's differences in the coils and top covers from the older ones to the newer ones, the rancher name means nothing really. If you go with the big bore kit on an older 2...
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    Chain saw choices on amazon?

    I bought my joncutter 5800 of amazon. In Canada the shipping kills most online deals, amazon has free shipping tho so my huztl saw was cheaper on amazon than from huztl. It's a solid Chinese saw, it doesn't need a thing done to it before cutting fire wood, the joncutters run fine. I did buy it...
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    Carrying a chansaw on a tractor

    On my dads tractor we had a piece of 2x4 bolted to the fender, you bore cut a hole in it and leave the saw in it, easy peasy.
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    Different air cleaner.

    Did you tune it with the air cleaner installed. I have to tune my ported china saws with the air filter in place, they rev a 1000rpm higher without it. If I wanted to win a cookie cutting race, I'd run without the filter.
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    Do NOT buy Joncutter bars!

    Are these .325 bars? The bars that came with my Chinese timberpro saw (16 and 20 inch) are garbage. I used the 16 for a bit then the nose sprocket blew its bearing out, it only lasted a few tanks of gas and never did a single bore cut. I haven't used the 20 enough to kill it yet but don't expect...
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    Up the compression or big bore

    You need higher octane gas in the bikes than saws as they run under heavy loads at low to mid rpms where detonation occurs, saws don't have any load on them under 5-6000rpm so detonation isn't an issue unless the timing is way off. My yz250 has 220 psi of compression, it runs fine on 91 octane...
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    Up the compression or big bore

    If you want to have a go at porting it yourself get the 47mm kit and port it. This way if it doesn't run better than stock you can put the 357 cylinder back on it or send it out to be ported.
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    Chain brake position for chainsaw storage ?

    All my saws spend 99.9% of the time with the brake off. I've never considered leaving it on for anything, its only there for when I screw up and the saw kicks back.
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    Stihl 026 porting query...

    Imo you wont gain any more useable revs with the exhaust at 90 degrees. It will piss rev crazy high but drop down to the same or lower rpm while cutting than your getting now. The other ports and carb size limit you to 15-16000rpm so there's no point in crazy high exhaust ports to try to get...
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    Your chain of choice on a 50 cc saw?

    I have 3 .325 set ups, 21lpx, 21bpx and a speed cut bar and chain. When its sharp the 21lpx is just a hair faster than 21bpx and about the same as the speed cut but after a half tank of gas its starting to get dull and slow down, then the 21bpx is faster. The speed cut is probably the fastest...
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    Looking for a cheap saw? $112 Husqvarna 435

    Wow you got lucky. I find it's hard to beat the joncutter 5800 in the bang for your buck category, it's 109 bucks but you need a bar/chain to go with it. The catch is it runs like a 300 dollar 50cc saw not a 35-40cc cheapy homeowner saw.
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    Chain Break Mania

    When I first started driving we would buy a beater then find an icy dirt road every winter and take turns seeing who could go the fastest or get the most sideways and not go in the ditch. This really helps teach you how to drive in the winter, you never panic as you know what the car will do...
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    Chain Break Mania

    They haven't figured out how to make traction control work worth a dam when you actually need it yet, all its good for is people who floor it on wet pavement. My last car would stop half way up snowy hills unless you turned the traction control off then you could drive right up them lol.
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    Husqvarna guide bar... what do you recommend.

    Wow that chains a rip off. A stihl chain is 21.99 at the local stihl dealer and a Oregon chain is 19.99 at the local Oregon dealer(a small corner store) and these prices are Canadian. The Oregon speed cut chain is 19.99 at a bunch of different stores while the other Oregon chains are 29.99 at...
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    JonCutter bars

    In my case I had the little poulan bar/chain already. My 25cc saw isn't a joncutter but it's the same Chinese saw in a different color. It came with a 12 inch bar and a really crappy chain, the cutters are different heights, after a few sharpening's its was useable but it dulls really fast. I...
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    I think I got my chiansaw (ms 441 cm) too hot cutting lighting struck oak...

    I doubt you hurt the power head but the bar may need dressing, they get burs fast when they get hot.
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    .050 or .058 for a 550xp

    All the local shops carry .058 for huskys around my place so that's what I run. The Oregon chains are dirt cheap locally too, there's no point in me buying them online, even the cheap china chains cost as much as them.
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    HUZTL/farmertec clones.... Is there anyone else interested in them??

    The g444 and g372 aren't much stronger than your echo 590 so if you get one get the g660. If you have 3 foot wood to cut up the big one will be nice to have.