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  1. Sandhill Crane

    TW 6 Auto valve?

    I don't do hydraulics either. However, if I remember right, the log lift and wedge lift valves precede the cylinder valves, which make me think power beyond is not necessary. Just a hunch. I'm with Sawer Rob. I considered adding the auto valve, as it was no longer an option when I bought...
  2. Sandhill Crane

    Firewood heating vs virus

    Winter is a good time to order logs, especially this years mild winter, because the ground is hard and they can get access to logs they may not have access to in the spring or summer. This time of year frost laws, or road weight limit restrictions, delay some deliveries depending on county laws.
  3. Sandhill Crane

    Any of you have issues with your hands?

    I used to run 90 pound air hammers chipping bridge decks on roads. My hands would keep me awake at night. Have to hang them over the edge of the bed to the floor to release it. Could not grip smaller things, like a tooth brush, and would have to lace it through my fingers. Many good thoughts...
  4. Sandhill Crane

    Puking fluid

    Not level?
  5. Sandhill Crane

    Sling shot for throw bag

    Sweet! Forty years ago I used to say "Tits!", but the kids grew up and said that's unacceptable.
  6. Sandhill Crane

    Firewood heating vs virus

    Firewood and coronavirus. What now seems a lot of years ago, our son who was then in eighth grade, and I crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Los Palmas, Grand Cannery to Barbados on friends 44' sloop. They wanted another adult to help, and our son and their daughter were the same age. There is a...
  7. Sandhill Crane

    Firewood heating vs virus

    I fit a couple high risk categories as far as the virus goes. I will still be cutting/splitting but decided not to sell firewood this year to limit my own exposure. For my customers firewood is an accessory purchase for campfires, fireplaces and wood stoves.
  8. Sandhill Crane

    AS family, day to day...

    How are your lives changing?
  9. Sandhill Crane

    AS family, day to day...

    I've been watching It is very good at explaining in short detail what different things, conditions, are. Last fall I got pneumonia. I did not do any firewood after that until this spring. After recovering, the cold air would again start me on coughing fits if I exerted to any...
  10. Sandhill Crane

    AS family, day to day...

    I have had copd for several years, so in light of what is going on, I'm suspending firewood sales this year. One week ago, I got a call to reschedule my annual pulmonologist appointment. For several days I was re-experiencing pneumonia symptoms from the month before, so she gave me the Covid 19...
  11. Sandhill Crane

    Post pictures of your woodpile/splitting area

    Price per cord. I charge $300. 50/3 = 16.666 cord. That's very close. I get about 16 that I sell, and some good shorts and punky, dirty junk that gets bundled on pallets and we burn ourselves. I figure 16 per 20 cord truckload. Years ago on AS, Curly Cherry did a bench top example. He cut...
  12. Sandhill Crane

    Timberwolf TW5 for sale

    Welcome to the site. Go to Forums top left corner of page. Equipment forum. Trading Post choose large or small equipment.
  13. Sandhill Crane

    Time for a new chain?

    I use the Stihl 2-1 file guide and love it. I do sharpen more aggressively on one side more than the other, so have to watch myself and check every three or four sharpening, and correct with extra strokes. Another thing, as mentioned, change files more often then you might think. And check your...
  14. Sandhill Crane

    Post pictures of your woodpile/splitting area

    In Michigan I pay $2,100. for 20 cord of 100" oak logs. I'm guessing it is trucked about 80 - 100 miles one way, as the logging sites change during the year, and year to year depending on their contracts. Logs, time (road time, loading and unloading time), and mileage adds up.
  15. Sandhill Crane

    my drying kiln for firewood and lumber

    If your FIBC bags were 1' - 2' off the floor, would it increase air flow in the kiln? I still had snow between the pallets, and they were frozen to the ground. That may not be true since we had a long steady rain last week, and I've not checked in several days. Edit: The point being, even with...
  16. Sandhill Crane

    Scrounging firewood

    Logger nate. Sorry for your loss as well.
  17. Sandhill Crane

    Wood truck

    Really now... Consider a medium duty truck. They can be had for cheap compared to pickups, although more expensive to plate.
  18. Sandhill Crane

    Any Woodmaxx kinetic splitter owners out there?

    I get that. But you may not get a dime out of a used Woodmaxx, where as the SS, you should do pretty good five or ten years down the road.
  19. Sandhill Crane

    What additions are you making to your 2020 firewooding arsenal?

    Ordered three sets of idler wheels. Long over due on those. Also asked about the pump, as a year ago I got a two stage pump as a replacement from Surplus Center, because they, Built-Rite, did not have one available. I always questioned pairing a two stage pump with a hydraulic motor. I believe...