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  1. 67L36Driver

    Homelite Little Red XL (Unit # 10741) - Bar Oiler Not Operational

    I just got a Super 2 running. It oils the chain somewhere between the Exxon Valdez and Event Horizon.[emoji2960] Porous bronze connector may be plugged up. [emoji848]
  2. 67L36Driver

    What your favorite fishing reel.

    As a 9-12 yo in the ‘50s I used a direct drive baitcaster on a steel telescoping rod. Handy for my bicycle. Then came the spincasters but very light mono and line twist was a problem. [emoji21]. Lacked distance for light lures. Spinning reels were much better except for line twist and ‘wind...
  3. 67L36Driver

    McCulloch Pintail Chain

    We send all our 1/2” pintail chain north. It don’t fit no Remingtons. [emoji6]
  4. 67L36Driver

    The Homie XL-101 types: A Tinkers Guide.

    Box type aluminum ‘stack’ or two piece tin muffler? In either case #12-24 screws secure the muffler body to the cylinder. A pair of #10-24 mount the cover on the tin muffler. Shop your local hardware store. [emoji106]
  5. 67L36Driver

    Gutless 028

    Late ignition timing or clogged muffler screen is another cause for lack of power. Run thru the basics. [emoji106]
  6. 67L36Driver

    3/8 low profile full skip?

    LP full skip is how the woefully underpowered manage to run long(ish) bars.
  7. 67L36Driver

    The Beg for Manuals Thread

    Poulan 5200: In need of the IPL.
  8. 67L36Driver

    Gutless 028

    I just finished PTO side repairs on a Super. It came set up for 3/8” x 16”. Pulled the 16” real well. I normally prefer .325” x 18” on them. Just for giggles mounted a 20”. Pulled that surprisingly well to. [emoji15] Your port timing maybe in the **** can.
  9. 67L36Driver

    Remington Chainsaws(including Mall chainsaws)

    An 1/8” thick 13/16” open end similar to the above works fine PROVIDED! you use a Champion J6J spark plug. The hex on the plug ends up in the right place. Any other plug, all bets are off.
  10. 67L36Driver

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Best bet is a 500EVL.
  11. 67L36Driver

    Want to buy Stihl 009L oil pump

    Your best bet is to find a parts saw to salvage one from. [emoji1696] I got the last they had at my local dealer over a year ago. #22 above.
  12. 67L36Driver

    Some WTF pics.....

    Cop brakes, cop shocks and cop radiator. [emoji106] Meh. WTF! They rerun Titanic all the freaking time. Why can’t we see Blues Brothers once in a while. [emoji6]
  13. 67L36Driver

    Some WTF pics.....

    On a mission from God!
  14. 67L36Driver

    Antique saw thread

    68cc of reed valve snort. Known to have chronic oiler check valve failure. But, that’s an easy fix. Like a Homie SXL on steroids. [emoji106] There is/was a Lombard thread. [emoji848]
  15. 67L36Driver

    Some WTF pics.....

    Tankage service? What they call the local carcass disposal service down by the stockyards.
  16. 67L36Driver

    Olympik Gurus oil pump help

    From my Clymer book: “Clockwise rotation decreases pump output.” What actually happens is turning the adjuster screw out uncovers a port that returns oil to the tank.
  17. 67L36Driver

    Some WTF pics.....

    Bel air was 1954. We had one. Two door hardtop. White over red. Red & white interior. Stick shift. Dad, being an Oldsmobile mechanic didn’t care for the cast iron Powerglide.
  18. 67L36Driver

    Stihl MS362 killing oiler worm gears

  19. 67L36Driver

    Uncle Moustache Work Pics

    Second is not. ‘P’ trap. It’s a ‘U’ bend. Takes the place of two nineties. [emoji108]
  20. 67L36Driver

    Bow bar for xl 101

    XL-101 and SEZ bar tang. K095 can be made to fit. [emoji106]