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  1. Brent Nowell

    Great outdoors closed off, can’t go out and get wood. Is it the same there?

    Word has it there are barricades in place for popular crown land areas (government land) for public use. No hunting or camping is what I heard, but have not verified... I understand the social distancing thing, and I’ve been following it. I don’t understand why I cannot do it out there. People...
  2. Brent Nowell

    Eddy current chainsaw dyno.

    Wow amazing, very very interested in seeing some numbers. Particularly before and after break in, and of course comparing numbers with manufacturers specs. thanks for posting this here!! I assure you that many people are watching this thread!
  3. Brent Nowell

    550 Xp Bar Help

    Husky makes half decent laminate bars, for that saw. They are grey lettered and sold at Lowe’s. mine came with a 20” that has held up very well.
  4. Brent Nowell

    And On The Eighth Day, God Sent..

    if god had a chainsaw.. that would be his
  5. Brent Nowell

    Strato poulan carb starting point

    It should at least run at 1.5 turns out. these carbs are notorious for metering lever height issues resulting in flooding and wonky idle
  6. Brent Nowell

    50cc saw with best power to weight?

    Do you find the 28 is long enough? I think 32 would be perfect for bucking while standing for people that are 6’ tall
  7. Brent Nowell

    Want to buy Homelite XL mini oil pump diaphragm ‘new’ and air filter cover

    Need to Be able to ship to Canada Looking for an oil pump diaphragm for a home lite mini xl. The one I have is incredibly stiff. looking for new. If you have one that has been homemade and has proven to work that will be just fine. If you have a new OEM one that will be just fine as well. Also...
  8. Brent Nowell

    Mufflers get hot.

    Wow that spread really fast!!! He handled it well imo keeping calm and getting the fire off the tree and off the saw. Too bad it spread shortly after, I hope he was ok
  9. Brent Nowell

    I'm done with farmertec's shenanigans!

    Exactly... My biggest problem with people complaining about their quality is when they say “I just don’t understand why this is happening” lmao you don’t understand why China can be crap, come on!! Reduce your chances of failure exponentially by buying OEM.
  10. Brent Nowell

    Beginners are scary

    Me too man, I think back a couple years ago and how far I have come since. I am Not a pro by any means but I am fairly confident I am not going to get a chain lodged in my leg and bleed out in the bush. I’m always aware of where the bar tip is and where my legs are and the direct swing point...
  11. Brent Nowell

    Time to round up a Posse....

    Yes I would agree with that observation. Base gasket was still on so probably running too lean, got too hot on 87?
  12. Brent Nowell

    Stihl MS170/180 - Completely Clogged Spark Screen?

    The mix shouldn’t really matter imo for this particular issue. I have seen 50:1 saws with oil running down the exhaust muffler. It’s the tuning. Its running rich, excess oil that wasn’t burned in combustion is clinging to the screen, and solidifying causing the clog. First thing imo to see if...
  13. Brent Nowell

    Corona virus?

    Exactly what a load of horse **** the media’s got going. cnn started it with the scare tactics to get ratings, now Canadian news outlets follow suit as per pathetic usual... JUST LIKE A FLUE
  14. Brent Nowell

    Just got the new stihl edt12

    I have 3 EDT 9 tachs two are mounted on saws the third is for testing. They mount well and are waterproof this one is mounted for milling, the 372 has one mounted on top. Love em!
  15. Brent Nowell

    Duckbill/check valve alternatives? Homelite XL

    Yes I hear you, I decided to make it work. Not much room in this particular float chamber for adjustment either.
  16. Brent Nowell

    Duckbill/check valve alternatives? Homelite XL

    I had no choice, the new one is 1/8 higher than the old.
  17. Brent Nowell

    Heat damaged 18" Stihl bar?

    One way to tell if it’s worth re dressing is by how easy it is to file off the burrs.. I’ve had a couple of abused bars that I tried to restore and getting the sharp edges and groove out of the rail was an extreme pain in the ass... eventually I had to use a stone dremel bit.. not the best way...
  18. Brent Nowell

    Safety vs. pro chain compare and questions

    This chain usually comes with the ranchers, it’s good chain but what irhunter said is the limiting factor.
  19. Brent Nowell

    372XP Vibration?

    I’m not familiar with that part, but someone else will be. Check all of your springs, the saw engine should not be touching the gas tank handle assembly. Sometimes the springs snap or get bent, so check em out
  20. Brent Nowell

    Duckbill/check valve alternatives? Homelite XL

    Well I got a primer bulb. The check was too small to use alone so I used the whole assembly minus the bulb. Glued other nipple shut and only allowed pressure to enter the tank. it worked, saw runs and with the new carb kit much better than before. Metering height on the diaphragm itself came...