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  1. fletcher0780

    How I improved my shaver boiler model 290

    I would have posted everything here, but there are image size and number limitations that made it impractical.
  2. fletcher0780

    How I improved my shaver boiler model 290

    How to improve your Shaver wood boiler
  3. fletcher0780

    Log trucks

    At $10/hr you might be better off just working at a gas station or something like that. That is just barely above minimum wage for some pretty hard work without a regular paycheck.
  4. fletcher0780

    Shaver Improvement Forum

    I'm still debating on if I want to try it. might just place an order and see how she does. you could tie a string to the counter weight and give it a few good tugs every now and then to keep it clean.
  5. fletcher0780

    Shaver Improvement Forum

    How about this, 6" galvanized and only $14.95:
  6. fletcher0780

    Shaver Improvement Forum

    I've had two sections of the insulated pipe on for well over a year. The pipe just barely slides down over the original chimney and I have it resting on the roof with a large stainless hose clamp holding the inner stainless section to my original chimney. I burn crappy green wood and have not...
  7. fletcher0780

    Shaver Improvement Forum Part 3

    I silicone a rope in for my new door seal, will see if it lasts longer than the silicone alone.
  8. fletcher0780

    The MS280

    Haven't had any problems with mine.
  9. fletcher0780

    I want to buy log truck loads delivered to north eastern CT

    Looking to buy 3-4 full size (7-10 cord) unseasoned hardwood delivered to north eastern Connecticut. Easy access and open space for turn around/delivery. PM me with any leads/offers. Looking to get them in the next few weeks.
  10. fletcher0780

    stihl stolen kinda

    It is a crime to receive stolen property, take your saw back.
  11. fletcher0780

    Shaver Improvement Forum

    KYDave, Have you added any inlation to the Shaver? There is zero insulation under the boiler and not enough on the sides. You may find you can stretch out time between fillings a bit with more insulation. I'm heating about 4500 ft2 in CT with my 290.
  12. fletcher0780

    Aqua Stat Problem?

    water need not boil to steam (think shower). I have a Shaver boiler and had lots of problems loosing water because of steam until I discovered a simple solution. The trick is to limit the surface area of hot water to the atmosphere. My shaver had the vent pipe exiting the boiler horizontally, so...
  13. fletcher0780

    Shaver Improvement Forum.... one year later

    What blower are you using, and where did you get it?
  14. fletcher0780

    Newbie question

    building up a good bed of coals makes a huge difference. I noticed if I pack mine full for a couple days, then just load normally it has no problem keeping up. If I don't have a good coal bed, it can run out of wood real quick.
  15. fletcher0780

    OWB's under fire in CT

    Where did you hear that? I'd love to see it in writing.
  16. fletcher0780

    OWB's under fire in CT

    Sure glad mine's in a shed now, I'll just call it my indoor wood boiler :) Nobody near me to complain about any smoke anyway.
  17. fletcher0780

    OWB's under fire in CT
  18. fletcher0780

    OWB Data Logging

    would you mind posting the parts you used and a diagram of how you have everything tied together?
  19. fletcher0780

    OWB Owners, what's your set point?

    I was considering a similar setup, but also adding an ambient air temp setting to the mix. What model Ranco did you use?