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  1. cantoo

    [B] The Upside[/B] COVID-19

    Manufacturing is going to come back home. Many people are hoping that this little wake up call will reignite a few sparks and maybe some of the do gooders will let us build and make what we should be making instead of shipping raw goods out and then buying it back. Hopefully some politicians...
  2. cantoo

    Had a black flash seen running my land today,

    God damn it CentaurG2. I spent 4 hours last night watching those mink and dogs kill rats. I even watched " A day in the life of Joseph the Mink Man".
  3. cantoo

    What additions are you making to your 2020 firewooding arsenal?

    mountainguyed67, maybe a Trojan 114? Hard to see it in pics. Same as this one maybe?
  4. cantoo

    New format

    The new look is saving me a ton of time. I'm not good with change so I've been here a lot less than normal. Been thinking it might be time to take a rest until next Fall. I've been burning the candle at both ends for a couple of years now and time is flying past. I online almost every night and...
  5. cantoo

    Scrounging firewood

    LondonNeil, I guess you didn't know that Trump was a member here. He's the one who put the sad face up. Him and Slow P used to be real chummy on here.
  6. cantoo

    SpeeCo splitter muffler fire

    Harley muffler, no more fires. Couple of other changes too.
  7. cantoo

    Some WTF pics.....

    Let me guess, this is her girlfriend?
  8. cantoo

    What additions are you making to your 2020 firewooding arsenal?

    Not sure if you've seen my pictures before but post #60 from me shows my fork setup for cutting 16" long rounds. The 3 forks work really well so I seldom use the grapple arm on it. I've had a grapple like Ryan's Milling has and I sold it. It worked good but took too much lifting capacity from my...
  9. cantoo

    Homemade Firewood Processor Deluxe

    TCS, don't think you are the only one to break stuff. I broke my Wallenstein one in half too. It broke the main center piece on the cylinder push plate and I was also trying to split a piece that I knew better than to play with. I was trying to see if it would split it and was just a second too...
  10. cantoo

    Scrounging firewood

    Chipper, We haven't had much snow last very long this winter here either. They drove it pretty much all day on Sunday because the snow was melting fast. These darn little sleds really seem to hold their value. We have a Kitty Cat that I bought when my kids were little and it's still worth the...
  11. cantoo

    Scrounging firewood

    Chipper, my son was over the bridge on the weekend to pick up some Harley parts, a motor for his Tahoe, a vintage 3 wheeler in parts and this kitty that followed him home. He buys stuff on Craigslist and some other buy and sell sites. He brought home a big parts washer a few weeks ago. I think...
  12. cantoo

    Modifications you really like/or things you tried that didn't work out.

    Sandhill, I bought a skid of pallet covers at an auction last year. They are a variety of sizes and we use them to cover everything from my Steiners, bandmill, firewood, sleds and other stuff. There is no name on them and I bet they were pretty expensive to buy new. They kind of look like these...
  13. cantoo

    Scrounging firewood

    Why do women have to start a conversation with " I told you so"? A buddy would have said " dang it Cooter I thought you'll woulda been able to drive thru 6' of snow drifts, you was robbed buddy here's your beer back". I shouldn't have driven down the hill, trying to get back up wasn't near as...
  14. cantoo

    Scrounging firewood

    Its appears that our little storm wasn't over after I spent 2 1/2 hrs moving snow yesterday. Just spent another 2 1/2 moving more again today. And just now wasted 2 hours humming and hawing about making a path to the bush before this crap starts to melt and makes a real mess. I got lots to do...
  15. cantoo

    Scrounging firewood

    We got a pile of snow for sure, most of it was swirling around in the air though. I have 8' snow drifts behind my barn. Went to Chesley to pick up my Grandson for the weekend and had to stop at the world famous Miller Mall in Holyrood for ice cream. Took 1 1/2 hrs for a 1 hour trip.
  16. cantoo

    What additions are you making to your 2020 firewooding arsenal?

    Be Stihl, says it's a 6.0 kilowatt with a 3 cylinder Kubota gasser on it, only 9 hp though. Burns 1/2 gal of fuel per hour. It should work fine for what I want and can run a conveyor too. I'm also looking for a 20 or 25 KV stand alone too for other projects.
  17. cantoo

    What additions are you making to your 2020 firewooding arsenal?

    Wife went to pick up a mattress she bought in Town so I put one of the lights out front shining down the highway. I sent her a text saying that I left the garage light on so she could find our house. She was not impressed when she came up the road. Just now she was in the basement so I put one...
  18. cantoo

    This place has gone lame.

    Some of us are busy with life and can't post as much as we used to and that happens to every forum. I still read here a lot but don't post as much as I used to just because I'm too busy to keep up with a long thread. . This is a bit of a break for me so I stop in. I used to have more time to...
  19. cantoo

    What additions are you making to your 2020 firewooding arsenal?

    Got my lights home today. And a few other things of course. Electric concrete saw, diesel heater, another landscape trailer and the two lights. They will plug into the generator light tower.
  20. cantoo

    Post pictures of your woodpile/splitting area

    rarefish 383, here is my 32" boiler wood. I try to stack it bark side up if possible. 16" splits for sale gets dropped off the conveyor and then handloaded onto the conveyor and drooped into the dump trailer to be dumped at peoples houses. No stacking ever. The crates by the barn were stacked...