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  1. SamT1

    Looking to buy a Ms441

    I’m kinda curious why stihl makes both 440 and 460. Kinda seems odd to make 2 that are basically the same thing besides a bigger jug. another thing that baffles me is that the 440was 5X as popular as the 460, but now the 461 is a lot more popular that a 441.
  2. SamT1

    Looking to buy a Ms441

    I’ve run the 440 class saws for years. They are excellent saws if your cutting 10-18” wood. Super longevity and good power to weight. If you walked into a shop to buy a new one the 461 makes more sense, but used You’ll find a lot more 440, 441 saws available. A 440 with muffler mod and base...
  3. SamT1


    I’ve played with their stuff a few times. I bought a bar and chain combo initially. Stihl 66dl full Chiesel. The bar crapped out early. About 1/3 the life of an Oregon bar. The chain was very slow initially. I think it cuts a wider kerf initially. It did speed up after a couple sharpening. But...
  4. SamT1

    Where are the 500i saws?

    They are like new vehicles and tractors. The new ones don’t last forever in time like older stuff, you put as many hours on them as you can while they are new, trade it while it’s visually nice looking still.
  5. SamT1

    Where are the 500i saws?

    It was gently used when I bought it. Hobbyist. Now it’s been in a gentle bar fight, Patrick swayze . If I keep it much longer it will be like that older guy on roadhouse.
  6. SamT1

    Where are the 500i saws?

    This crap is killing me. Local dealer says “late summer” So basically same story as last year. My mastermind 441 is sitting at the sweet spot where I’ve used it enough to justify owning it for 3 months, but I haven’t beat it up yet so I can sell it now and do fine on it. But if I keep running...
  7. SamT1

    SOLD!!!! Husqvarna 288

    Nope long gone
  8. SamT1

    Want to buy Old school Craftsman top handle

    I have a twin to it I’d let go of. It cranks on prime, but has carb issues I’d assume. I bought it as a project and have kinda lost interest.
  9. SamT1

    Decent price for machine sharpening service?

    Yea I figured that out after the fact.
  10. SamT1

    Decent price for machine sharpening service?

    I’ve got a stihl USG that was my uncles and then mine. Late 70’s model I suppose. You have to flick the wheel in the direction you want it to spin now. Other than that it runs like a new one. I’m assuming it will last another 30 years, but I’d bet for its life it’s maybe done a chain every week...
  11. SamT1

    Decent price for machine sharpening service?

    I’d buy a cheapo sharpener for doing the rakers. If you have singles to sharpen on demand it’s not worth your time to swap wheels and stuff. local shop here is up to $12 and folks say they suck bad. That’s almost exactly the mark up on a new stihl chain in 16-18” so I see their reasoning...
  12. SamT1

    When is a bar actually worn out?

    That’s how I true mine up. Just like a poor mans bar shop. Bevel the edge on a Bench grinder and then true it up on the disc side of the belt sander. ive tried hammering rails closed on an anvil, but seems I always find a soft spot and over do it. Or run it one cord and it spreads back where it...
  13. SamT1

    Second life longer on a bar?

    I’d rather buy bars than go slower. I even have an 8 pin on this one. But your right, I collect the Poulan countervibes and I get much better bar life it seems. I’m not sure if it’s being able to give it a pump of oil here and there or the speed. I wish the 441 had a bigger oil tank, it...
  14. SamT1

    Second life longer on a bar?

    you get used to using up the bars. I never knew any Better growing up. You’d be shocked how many home owner types bring saws by my place that won’t cut. They have a new chain and the Bar is so smoked the chain just lays over. I bet I have 5-6 new bars laying around, keep an 18 .050 stihl pattern...
  15. SamT1

    Second life longer on a bar?

    No, I’ve always been scared it wouldn’t last any longer and I’d have blown an extra $60
  16. SamT1

    Second life longer on a bar?

    So I’m really kicking myself right now. As some of you have read my bar life threads cutting mesquite in sand blown country in Texas. 20 cords is good bar life. I swapped to tsumura bars this fall and I’m getting 25 probably from them. Just as a test though I put an .058 chain on one and I’ve...
  17. SamT1

    Punky wood

    I burn mostly punky stuff as well as species I can’t sell. It’s not bad. If you handle it hard enough, split first, then throw In dump truck and then dump, you’ll beat most of it off to solid wood. At some point it’s not worth jacking with. I’d say that’s around 50% loss to punk.
  18. SamT1

    Cedar wood

    I removed a 70’ one from a lady’s yard and burned it up. Wife complained of the smell. It lit like a dream. Small ones burned fast, but big splits did really well. I burn lots of crap, but after burning almost a cord it looks like my bird guard on top of the chimney is pretty greasy looking...
  19. SamT1

    False advertising HP?

    If you do the math on bore and stroke it’s 82cc
  20. SamT1

    Testing new firewood crating system

    If you pickup from farmers make sure they are triple rinsed if your not experienced in chemicals. The last batch of 8 I grabbed had 20 gallons of restricted use pesticide between 2 of them. It was 2 products that both could be a serious problem to dispose of for a non farmer. Not to mention...