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  1. catbuster

    Where's WYK been, and what trouble is he making?

    H1N1 didn’t cause healthy people to have ARDS or MODS. This does. People die from ARDS and MODS. This is not something to take lightly. When we’re done, many, and I mean in the tens of thousands at least, will die from this. Disregarding it isn’t only putting yourself at risk, but also everyone...
  2. catbuster

    What chainsaw is best for my needs? Husqvarna preferably

    That goes both ways. Sometimes something needs to be cut, and it needs to be cut fast. Heavy leaners are a great example. Taking too long, regardless of technique (boring/strap or coos bay) can be a great way to cause a tree to chair and then injure or kill the operator. Plenty of situations...
  3. catbuster

    skip VS full house

    Full comp. I don’t run long enough bars to run skip, and it sucks to cut hardwoods anyway. Can’t knock the raker down enough to cut a big chip, and it’s grabby.
  4. catbuster

    The "Not So Pro" discussion thread...of course Pros are welcome!

    That’s exactly what I’m thinking right now. It was a pretty good deal at that price. 590 hours, 2018 model. I was planning on having this machine for 10-15 years and putting 20,000 hours on. It may not even be with us until the end of the year depending on how long this pandemic lasts and as...
  5. catbuster

    The "Not So Pro" discussion thread...of course Pros are welcome!

    I just looked around and if it’s not clapped out, $25-30 grand looks to be the going rate for a 12G of that age. Doesn’t matter, I’ll still look like a moron trying to run it and make some really nice washboards in the road if I’m on a blade. I’m feeling like an idiot for signing on a $377,000...
  6. catbuster

    The "Not So Pro" discussion thread...of course Pros are welcome!

    Nope, but I did once try to pull a triaxle snow plow out of the ditch with an F350.
  7. catbuster

    Lightweight 32”

    I’m a sucker for the Stihl ES Light bar. Good, light bar, and the sprocket tips hold up better than the Tsumara and Sugihara options. I had a 32” Oregon Powermatch RW bar that spent most of it’s life on a Husqvarna 372XP... Okay steel as far as wear, very floppy. Better sprocket tip than...
  8. catbuster

    MS 880 Case?

    The rain won’t hurt that saw. It will be fine. It’ll be fine in the truck bed on the way back to the shop too. Submerging it would be a different story... Have you seen how much it rains on the left side of the Cascade range? Nobody packs up and goes home there, and there are plenty of big...
  9. catbuster

    Husqvarna advice needed.

    The 55 and 55 ranchers both have magnesium crankcases. The 55 is a closed port cylinder with less displacement. The Rancher model generally had a larger displacement open port cylinder. Both of them are killer saws that work really well.
  10. catbuster

    Your Biggest [email protected]#k Up.

    I don’t regret going to school for civil engineering. Although knowing what I know now I may have gone to a different school. It was miserable at times, but I gained a totally different understanding of what I had been doing and the industry I’m still in. No, my **** up was venturing out on my...
  11. catbuster

    Your Biggest [email protected]#k Up.

    Going into business. I should have taken that superintendent job right out of school and just rolled on.
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    90,000 lbs of logs plus truck weight? That’s like grossing 120,000. I hope that guy had a permit or it would have been game over of those trucks were pulled over, and it would have been obvious to any vehicle enforcement officer. 1 hose in 1000 tons isn’t really impressive. That’s ~40 legal...
  13. catbuster

    Please help me size cable for pulling logs with small loader

    I’ve seen cables break in spectacular fashion. They’ll generally rebound in the same plane as the direction of pull. The same can be said for ropes, chains and straps. The best practice is staying out of the way.and not occupying space between the load and the equipment.
  14. catbuster

    Log attachment for wheel loader

    Quick tach on an articulated loader is usually a nice thing. Especially on something like a 950 that’s on a utility crew that’s a support machine, it’s super easy to swap between forks and a bucket, and a bedding hopper. All it has to do is move loose materials, pallets and pipe. It’s...
  15. catbuster

    Are you still working or stuck at home?

    We’re working, and we will be as long as there are water/sewer mains and roads to be repaired. Same thing with anyone else who works on critical infrastructure and can’t work from home or can’t be shut down because if they did the entirety of everything else would be. All the forestry work we’d...
  16. catbuster

    Log attachment for wheel loader

    I think I only see two sticks on the right side of your cab... Which means it didn’t come factory with a spool valve and a line for auxiliary attachments, which you’ll need for a grapple. Other than that, the first option is better than the thumb style. Neither is going to be as nice as a...
  17. catbuster

    How To Start Modded Saw

    I have an 046 that’s (mostly) stock that will do its best to break your wrist, along with the 460 rescue saw on our quint. The 460 on the rescue/MPERV has high compression and dad’s 046 did. I think there’s just something with that series of saw that can make it a bear to start. No other saw in...
  18. catbuster

    Please help me size cable for pulling logs with small loader

    Removing obstacles in a water flow only allows water to move faster, which will increase the scouring effect. Having something in the way causes the head (energy) in the channel to drop and decreases your bank erosion. If what you’re looking for is to shoot that water downstream as fast as...
  19. catbuster

    Please help me size cable for pulling logs with small loader

    Oh, and maybe add some rock traps or something for erosion control. Posting that type of work on the internet with no erosion controls is a good way to get fined.
  20. catbuster

    Please help me size cable for pulling logs with small loader

    If I remember right, those size machines have a drawbar pull right around 25,000 lb. Nylon chokers have no place on a logging site. They fray über easily and once they do the capacity is lost. A good quality 5/8 in theory is able, but that’s assuming straight pull and all the strands are in...