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    Stihl 362C?

    I’ve had my 362 mtronic for a few years with no problems. It is a pleasure to run.
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    28”-30” lightweight bar for a 661?

    Tsumura Light and Tough seems to be good value. I like my 28”.
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    New Saw suggestions

    I would go with the 241 and 362. There’s something to be said for a 462 with a 28-32, but if the 362 meets your needs I wouldn’t spend the money on the 462.
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    Saw storage

    Looks good. I would frost the glass to keep out prying eyes.
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    Lightweight 32”

    I already have a 25” Stihl ES Light and a 28” Tsumura Light and Tough. 25” on the 362 and the 28” on the 462. I only gain about an inch of usable bar length with the 462 due to the bigger dogs, but I did take a driver out to close up the bar and sprocket gap. I haven’t used the Tsumura much...
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    Lightweight 32”

    I’m looking for a lightweight 32 .050 3/8 bar. Any idea which one of this is lightest? Having a hard time finding reliable numbers. Anyone own one of the new Cannon bars? Stihl ES lightweight Oregon powercut/powermatch Tsumura light and tough Cannon duralite
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    Another Injury

    Cal Fire inmate wild land crews are trained to the same level as any other wild land hand crews. Low level offenders working with no armed supervision using many tools that would handily double as weapons. No first aid is purely a cost cutting measure implemented by a bankrupt state. First...
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    Another Injury

    #3 is moronic.
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    Bar size for MS462 ?

    28 with full comp on mine.
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    OK ... "462 vs 572"

    I was waiting for the 500i. I had some gift certificates I had to use and couldn’t wait anymore. Mtronic is pretty much proven; not so much with the injection system.
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    It is December, the ms500i watch game

    I was entertaining the idea of waiting for a 500, but I couldn’t hold out. Bought a 462 last week.
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    trail clearing saw

    Most trail clearing is much more traveling than sawing. A smaller power head with a slightly too long of a bar is common. It will cut most of the smaller logs while still being able to manage the slightly larger logs. It also puts a few more inches between you and what you’re cutting. Cut...
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    trail clearing saw

    Top handle is a poor choice. 241 with a 14-16” or 261 with a 18-20” .325 is what you seek. A Silki Katanaboy 650 is probably a better choice for only a handful of logs.
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    What chain to use

    Chipper cutter. Cuts slower than chisel or semi-chisel, but there is no real point on the cutter so it stays sharp longer. I use reduced kick back. I don’t do much plunge cutting, which is really the only drawback to it. It will plunge cut, it’s just slower.
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    To full wrap or not to full wrap.

    What’s their application in clearing blow down?
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    What causes a guide bar to chip bits off near the sprocket?

    What’s the distance between the sprocket and tail? Is the tensioner maxed out? This will cause the chain to impact the bar and results in increased heel wear. Could also be a poor quality bar or a combination of both.
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    55 link stretch

    Pull a link from the chain as soon as you can. Increasing the distance from the bar heel to the sprocket will increase bar wear at the heel and increase the probability of throwing the chain.
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    MS 260 MS 261 Problems. Should I rebuild? What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I would fix it. If you have a bench and some tools; worst case is you’re out maybe $200 in parts and special tools but with much more knowledge.
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    Bulk bar oil or alternative?

    The processor uses hydraulic oil from the hydraulic system. There is no separate bar oil. You could buy bar oil by the 55 gallon drum if you wanted.
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    David Bradley

    David Bradley.....he passed away in ‘78.