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  1. shadco


    If he gets holt of you with dese Katy bar the door. .
  2. shadco


    I’ve heard that there is a feller in MI that free up the xtra sausage in a 357XP. .
  3. shadco

    Post pictures of your new chainsaw

    Only because you were trying to make off with my 346. :laugh: .
  4. shadco

    Does porting shorten the life of a chainsaw?

    So you adjust the mixture. .
  5. shadco

    Cj saws?

    Arrange a ups ground or fedex ground prepaid pickup at U st. It’s probably your best bet to get your saw back. .
  6. shadco

    261 c-m running LEAN?

    I’m of the opinion that mtronics don’t respond well to being run dry, if I put my 241 away for a period of time I drain the efree plus K2 40:1 mix and fill with VP fuel + K2 and run it long enough to be sure that’s what is in the system. .
  7. shadco

    New Website Design / Layout Poll

    Would be nice if. the editor would automatically start a new sentence off with a cap.
  8. shadco

    Post pictures of your new chainsaw

    Enabler you are. .
  9. shadco

    Post pictures of your new chainsaw

    New to me, currently at the saw sage factory for weight reduction. .
  10. shadco

    Pimp my 346XP

    not a primer carb, perfect fit, if you cut the base you need to grind a tad on the carb floor. And the adjuster screws line up perfectly with the 350/353 top cover and it was an oem Husky carb ordered from hls. .
  11. shadco

    Pimp my 346XP

    I’ve seen 5CC’s more for the NE my NE came with the blue coil which is limited not sure where but I think it may be 14k. Black is unlimited. I also replaced the top cover to eliminate the primer bulb holes and gain holes for the L and H adjusters. .
  12. shadco

    Pimp my 346XP

    Like this? I backed it down from 16200 since it was new then. It’s an NE though. .
  13. shadco

    Pimp my 346XP

    How many CC’s? This could be fun. Unlimited coil if it doesn’t have one. 359 intake tract and filter EL42 carb Stock muffler. Send it to @huskihl and get him to mod it. .
  14. shadco

    U-tube experts

    Is this the guy that has such deep reverence for "forum guys" .
  15. shadco

    346 Xp/350 build?

    EL42 seem to work ok on mine. .
  16. shadco

    How the hell did I kill another Stihl?

    We usually referred to those as ratio wrongs. .
  17. shadco

    AP's Bar Shop & Small Engine

    I'm pretty sure they moved from NC to near Winchester VA a little while back, I got a bar from them just before they moved. Krista said they would be offline for a while and I'm not sure when they will be back. They are good folks so I hope to see them come back online soon. .
  18. shadco

    Saw Modifiers on East Coast?

    Shirley you jest. .
  19. shadco

    Saw Modifiers on East Coast?

    Another vote for Kevin @huskihl .
  20. shadco

    Echo's New 70 cc Saw, CS-73x

    You didn’t use the official sarcasm font. :crazy2: .