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  1. Ketchup

    Ultimate light weight do all saw

    Stihl 261, 362, 462 or Husky 550mkII, 562, 572 are all more modern and great tools. Maybe more user friendly, but similar or worse in power and longevity. What you have is good. Buying a new saw would just be for fun or constant use.
  2. Ketchup

    What lathe?

    “Nice” is relative. Atlas lathes can be craftsmans or clauseing, and the quality is worlds apart. You have to research the individual model to know its value and issues. Personally I would wait on something else if I had a grand to spend (actually selling my Logan 820 right now for $1100)...
  3. Ketchup

    Any bored inventors looking for a project?

    I see the merit in the idea...but I would rip anything like that off a saw as soon as it was mine. Techno newfanglry is already a major annoyance. Overly complex carburetors, stuffed up mufflers, decomps on small saws, limited coils, all over-engineering that hurts performance. Your heart’s...
  4. Ketchup

    What chainsaw is best for my needs? Husqvarna preferably

    50cc: 346xp 353 550 mkII 60cc: 357xp 359 562xp 70cc: 372xp 572xp Those are the best of the best. A 350, 460, or 365(special or x-torque) would be more affordable and relatively dependable, but not as nice. Because you already have small saws and a large saw, I would start with a 50cc or a...
  5. Ketchup


    Seems like the big three talked about here are 090, 880, 1201. Compare: Stroke Displacement Port Timing Port Area Stock compression Squish Clutch size and weight Flywheel size and weight Torque ratings A simple spreadsheet would shine a lot of light.
  6. Ketchup


    I think it’s important to compare power band location in the saws mentioned and examine the timing and design of each cylinder. What changes crank and flywheel weight have on the pulling power of the saw would be best observed if one model could be modified to fit them all but that’s an...
  7. Ketchup

    Want to Sell 1995 Stihl 025

  8. Ketchup

    Husqy 395 Big Bore, Good Compression and Low Power.

    Checking squish is pretty easy. All you need is some grease, thin solder, and a mic or calipers. 0.018”-0.025” is the sweet spot. Many AM top ends have a squish in the .045” - .080”. Here’s a link.
  9. Ketchup

    Husqy 395 Big Bore, Good Compression and Low Power.

    If you haven’t then you definitely want to do a pressure/vacuum test. An air leak can create a gutless condition in bigger saws that still run. Although your carb is probably fine (since you rebuilt it), some rebuilds don’t work out. Try to find a known good carb that you can swap in and...
  10. Ketchup

    Want to buy Stihl 026 Value?

    Depends if the new p&c are OEM or AM. That’s a Pro model, so it carries a little more resale value. Check the under side of the saw. The case is often worn badly. If it cuts well and is all OEM it’s worth $150. If it’s a chinese repair job...$40?
  11. Ketchup

    Stihl MS201T Ignition Module

    Watch ebay for the module. I got one NIB for $70.
  12. Ketchup

    Thinking about modding a MS 361

    Never fooled with a 361 muffler, but judging by this, I would try hogging out the #1 area as much as possible, then put a new outlet and deflector on the flywheel side (if there’s room). I hate cutting mufflers open and putting them back together.
  13. Ketchup

    Modded Saws And M-Tronic

    Some prefer popups to band cuts, and they’re almost all strato, but gains can be had and the carbs will cooperate. Transfer mods can cause Mtrons to run rich. Every saw has its own quirks. Same as always.
  14. Ketchup

    MS 200T plastics OEM or Farmertec

    I have not had an issue with the AM recoil. The clutch covers can be totally unuseable (not enough room for brake band, too warped to fit saw, bad casting that won’t fit brake parts), but some work perfectly. My friend claims that the ones in the kits are junk but the ones ordered direct from...
  15. Ketchup

    SOLD!!!! Husky 357/9 intake track

    Do you mean the elbow with kill switch or the intake boot fits better? Modding the stock boot is something I was considering. The boots are close in bore size and the flange and partition seem identical. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.) Several people responded with the entire intake track...
  16. Ketchup

    SOLD!!!! Husky 357/9 intake track

    Hi all! I’m looking for an hda 199, 198, 191 or El 42 carb and intake parts (switch assembly, air filter, flange support ring, boot and clamp) for a husky 359 or 357. I would also be interested in a complete dead saw for a reasonable price. I can source the entire carb track new for $136, so...
  17. Ketchup

    Echo 2511T falling spike install problems

    I grind the top flange down some and create a hook. I was skeptical it would last, but looks good after a year of daily use. Bolted to a plastic case like that, you don’t want to get too aggressive anyway.
  18. Ketchup

    Transfer porting

    I just started fooling with bridges and fingers, but I’m willing to toss out my thoughts. The grinding looks nice and and the diagonal trajectory also. Depending how much room you have between transfer and ring end, I would try to start the tunnel closer to the intake side of the lower and...
  19. Ketchup

    Thinking about modding a MS 361

    I agree that 0.017” will be fine. Doing a delete isn’t as bad as you might think. Just make sure your surfaces are super clean and apply the liquid gasket very thin. I like 3-bond 1184 because it cures slower. I let an assembled delete saw sit for 12-24 hrs in a warm spot before pressure...
  20. Ketchup

    Thinking about modding a MS 361

    0.017 is actually pretty good. Just a hair too tight. What did you end up with for your final squish?