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  1. epicklein22

    whadja do today?

    Brought in a 30 ton crane and a bucket truck for a day to do 4 nasty maple removals. Everything went smooth. Really nice to work with other competent tree guys.
  2. epicklein22

    whadja do today?

    Picture doesn’t do it justice, but I had Grace Tree’s Omme stretched way out New Year’s Eve. Easy 30’ or so. Not gonna be able to do that with a CMC.
  3. epicklein22

    whadja do today?

    Channeling my inner Tree MDS, rigged this storm damaged, leaning maple right into the chipper.
  4. epicklein22

    Any millenials still heat with wood?

    31 and heat my house and shop with a hardy outdoor wood boiler that is almost as old as me.
  5. epicklein22

    whadja do today?

    Snagged a Ditch Witch SK850 to replace my Bobcat MT55. Welded a mounting plate to the branch manager grapple off the mt55 (bobcat uses their own mounting plate vs the universal found on most other minis) and I’m good to go. Very happy that I went with the bigger motor in the sk850/sk1050...
  6. epicklein22

    whadja do today?

    Give landmark machinery in Michigan a call. They can fix your drum. Also, if anyone needs chipper parts....landmark knows their stuff about all brands of chippers and most of it is in stock. Prices are good too.
  7. epicklein22

    It is December, the ms500i watch game

    I dropped mine out of a tree and Bryan equipment told my dealer no parts are available yet. He was just at ambassador training as well. I had to get the parts from Europe. Love the saw though. It’s now tied for my favorite saw with the ms200t. It spanks my 572xp in all aspects.
  8. epicklein22

    Woodland Pro pants

    Yes, ironwood model. The color is a dark grey/granite. They are geared towards tree guys, but that’s a good thing! Good movement in them and nice little features. I’m content with the build construction. They have heavy duty patches in all the common wear spots and they materials seem pretty...
  9. epicklein22

    031 stihl

    Good job on the tinkering. They can definitely be a fickle saw, but they are tanks in the grand scheme and run good for their size. A 031 with a 16” 3/8 bar is a firewood machine!
  10. epicklein22

    Woodland Pro pants

    I have the arborwear chainsaw pants. I bought them a few weeks back and have only worn them twice. They seem to be well made, fit true to size and don’t seem too restrictive in movement. They do weigh quite a bit (don’t notice it too much when wearing them) and they might be overbearing in the...
  11. epicklein22

    Dolmar 7900 issue.

    If it hasn’t had a carb kit since new, it’s probably due for one. A little deformation of the gaskets can cause all kinds of problems once you’re putting a load on the saw and the carb can’t pump enough fuel.
  12. epicklein22

    Inside the Stihl MS500i - SNELLERIZED Style

    I bought a ms500i earlier this summer and use it doing tree work ~3 days a week. It’s been an absolute tank. Not one single hiccup from it. Lightweight, instant throttle response, good power and it handles very nicely. Starts easily when cold and then it’s one pull once it’s hot. Stays primed...
  13. epicklein22

    whadja do today?

    Brought in a crane and Grace Tree’s spider lift for some pin oak removals this past Saturday. No good pics unfortunately. The job went pretty well though. That 30 tonner is impressive with it’s reach and capacity. We had to stand a few limbs up on the tree furthest away, but more so not to shock...
  14. epicklein22

    whadja do today?

    Snagged a MS500I from a guy in Greece. First production fuel injected chainsaw. It runs awesome and is very light weight. Will probably see them late this year or early next year here in the states.
  15. epicklein22

    whadja do today?

    I worked with Grace Tree on Wednesday; he told me you called him to talk about the omme lifts. Cool to see you picked one up. They definitely have their niche and will complement your other equipment really well.
  16. epicklein22

    576xp air leak?

    Sounds like a carb issue to me. Zama’s are a lot more prone to internal problems than walbro’s. I’d try a different carb from your buddy’s stash first and see how that plays out. It’s really handy having extra parts saws laying around to pinch parts from when diagnosing tricky problems like the...
  17. epicklein22

    whadja do today?

    Nice job, looks like that was a big cut for negative rigging, but we all know how strong ash trees are. It’s been an adventure cutting down dead EAB trees the last 8 years or so around here. They present a challenge with their growth characteristics, especially the tall “woods” grown ash like...
  18. epicklein22

    Do y’all run a top handle one handed?

    I one hand a fair amount when cutting out of a bucket or lift; usually holding the limb with the other hand. ATH isn’t being unreasonable, he’s being honest. Tree care takes extreme focus and using one hand puts you in an even more pressured situation. I tend to slow down some when using one...
  19. epicklein22

    SC252 Jack shaft pillow block bearing

    Have a heavy duty puller and torches handy. Some times those bearings/pulleys are really on there. Otherwise it shouldn’t be too bad. I did the cutter wheel bearings on my RG50 surprising quick.