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    Whats a makita chainsaw?

    Currently I have 2 79xx and 2 64xx series ( one is blue grey-Makita colors- same inside guts) plus a 112 apx 50cc, been running Dolmar saws for 25 years now and can't complain at all. My very first Dolmar saw was a 116SI just plain wore that one out completely. Dolmar has never been...
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    Some WTF pics.....

    haven't been able to find one yet.
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    speed sharp

    it just may have two sets of windings as back in the day everything was bi-directional- so a cap for each direction is possible rather than a fancy wiring harness. it could also be one cap for starting and the other for running- that is still fairly common on motors. Last but not least 2 cap...
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    How to get rid of telemarketers

    This virus stuff going around works really well on them - robos included
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    Teslong Bore Camera on the workbench?

    teslong was working on the cell phone compatibility issues. that said i also have one and find it to be great. They have several models if you go to there web sight.
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    Some WTF pics.....

    Funny, told daughter long ago -something along the same lines - early 20's now, still single.
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    Some WTF pics.....

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    Some WTF pics.....

    There has been some concept cars with split door 1/2 up, 1/2slide under and then there are the suicide doors where they hing open from the rear instead of the front. Never was real popular for the front .
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    Some WTF pics.....

    at that rate he will have it all bucked up before it hits the ground.
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    Some WTF pics.....

    45 mph or more don't care what you have out front Mr/Mrs Whitetail is going to have you calling the tow guy/gal, Bambi you might get lucky.
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    Some WTF pics.....

    I don't care what I was doing:heart:
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    Magnetic Pickup Problems 2001 Vermeer SC50tx

    gut reaction says air in system, possible bad bypass/ pressure relief valve ( broken spring?) are these electric over hydro ? then possible intermittent connection to a solenoid or it is sticking- bad ground- broken lead inside insulation jacket-intermittent coil , if plug in relays corroded...
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    Pto to electric dump conversion ?s

    Having plowed snow for many years and battery drain on the trucks being 2-300 amps every time you hit the control- batteries were one of my main costs. Even had alternators changed out to charge at idle on up. standard ones do not charge at idle but more like 1100 - 1500 rpms before the output...
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    Scrounging firewood

    I will give you good odds that more than just the tail gate got messed with
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    Scrounging firewood

    He meant "Smurf " cases as in Blue
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    Rogue Hunt Clubs

    it's the ones you do not hear that cause a problem
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    Scrounging firewood

    Oak not good for animal bedding.
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    Pto to electric dump conversion ?s

    electric driven hydro sucks a lot amps 200-300 - will likely need to beef up the alternator to keep up with the draw
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    Firewood...The Most Important Piece of Equipment

    it's funny that now everyone is so endeared to the 7.3 , but when it first arrived , my goodness the gnashing of teeth and bad mouthing of same. Course 2/3 of that were the electronics. Still the injector wiring being in the head gaskets still gives me the heby jeebies- that gasket set is pricey...