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    Most popular little Husqvarna?

    Have a 350 that I put a flat top piston in and deleted the base gasket for a guy. Had it fixed since Thanksgiving and still cant get in touch with him to come get it. Its fairly impressive for a little guy. I'm gonna try to call him a couple more times, then it'll be added to the work detail...
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    How the hell did I kill another Stihl?

    Got a 695 Shindaiwa from a coworker. It had 145 psi and started on a prime. Fuel line was melted off. Took the muffler off to clean under it, and the exhaust side was carbon scored to hell. They will sometimes still have decent compression with carbon scoring. Not necessarily that the seller was...
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    another 08S restoration

    I just hit the upload file tab at the bottom when I'm creating post, then select files and photos come up on my phone. Tap the pic you want, wait for it to load, then select thumbnail or full image. Wait til last if loading multiples, then select display every image as either thumbnail or full...
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    Sprocket suggestions for McCulloch pm 610

    Mark Heimann can tell you how many versions of these they made. Mac made the same saw in several different versions. Marketing thing. Apparently it worked well.
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    Sprocket suggestions for McCulloch pm 610

    Cant help with that. Air boxcovers are easy to break. Could have had one swapped.
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    Sprocket suggestions for McCulloch pm 610

    Watch routing the kill switch wire. It can rub the flywheel. I recommend blue removeable thread locker for most fasteners. They will vibrate loose. Glad this one has anti vibe.
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    Do we still have any chainsaw women on here?

    Wife helps with firewood every time I cut and shes not out of town. Id let her run the saws, but shes fairly clumsy(pet name is Stumble bunny.:laugh:). I like her with all of her parts.
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    Husqvarna 61 vs Stihl 036 pro

    Different for everybody. I had a Stihl 028 super that I really liked. Probably my first saw that I got on my own. Cut a lot of firewood with it. Then it ate the choke butterfly screw. I had this and that piece of junk for years, til I bought the Echo CS4400 new. First new saw. Still have it...
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    Would you run this?

    Yeah I wasnt gonna try to do anything with the piston. I have cleaned about as much as I'm comfortable with in the cylinder. Worried about going thru the plating at the edges of the transfers.
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    Mac 1-10 chainsaw

    Ray Benson may have an IPL. I have one of those. Havent had time to go into it yet. Mine is missimg the recoil assembly. There is a seller on evil bay that has quite a few used parts. Havent bought anything.
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    Would you run this?

    Transfer I can take care of. Found some Scotchbrite wheels for the Dremel with the flex shaft. Cant use the acid, cause I'm afraid of the missing plating. Just wondered how it would hold up with the scratches. Saw wont be used commercially. Just for occasional limbing. Meteor piston kit isnt...
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    Would you run this?

    Stihl 019t. Cleaned it up best I could. I used a 1.75x magnifier to look at it. You can see scratches there. When I go to just my 1.25x reading glasses, they are hard to see, and cant be felt at all. It looks like there May be one spot where plating came off on transfer divider, but it's below...
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    This will be a really big chainsaw

    Even though I'm all about cutting things with whatever, that just sounds like a horrible idea. I do have to wonder about what this "cutting chain" of theirs looks like. I would imagine some sort of carbide affair.
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    Safety First

    Well that DOES sound fancy. I recon thats a plus.:)
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    Safety First

    Oh jeez y'all. I just uses a red gas can with a sharpie label that sez mix gas. I uses the jug the bar oil comes in and pours it right in the oil tank. I aint got nobody works for me but my better half that dont touch the mechanical stuff, cause I likes her better with all her parts. This works...
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    Mcculloch Pro Mac 10-10

    Use Permatex Motoseal. Yamabond 4 is Also gas resistant. So is Dirko, but ive never tried it. As already said, check the gas cap gasket, vent valve, and fuel line where it goes thru the bulkhead. All of my gas caps leak at least a little.
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    Price on 372 XP

    So he got it. Gave $275 for it, and they put a new sprocket on before he left with it. Hes happy, so I'm glad I turned him on to it. I'll see if he will send me some pics.
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    Price on 372 XP

    It was OEM top end. I didnt take pics at the time because I was in a bit of a hurry to get back to work. I'll see if I can get a few later. Thanks.
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    Price on 372 XP

    Guy has one locally. Says he put a new P&C in it. Its PHO, no B&C. Havent looked it over closely, but it looks solid and not beat. Any ideas as to value?
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    Oily residue, smoke and constant bog

    That definitely sounds like ignition problem. Go for the OEM module. I've tried Chinese ones. Last one wouldn't work at all out of the box.