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  1. dallasak

    Pro's and Con's of the cold

    Gonna be turning the corner on daylight hours in just about 5 weeks, and we don't have snow yet and things are just starting to freeze here.
  2. dallasak

    Pro's and Con's of the cold

    I live to be in the woods in the winter. No bugs! The lakes and streams and rivers freeze solid enough to drive a truck on. I can make snowmachine trails that are as hard and smooth as a new sidewalk all through the woods. I can see tracks from all the critters that used my trail since the last...
  3. dallasak

    Max tree diameter vs. chainsaw bar length

    I really like using wedges when I am bucking bigger stuff.
  4. dallasak

    Woodland Pro pants

    My chaps used to do double duty as a shoulder pad when I was a EFFer and I had to hike a mile or 3 to get to the line.
  5. dallasak

    My chain does not move freely on the bar so to sharpen it I have to remove it

    I have a corded Poulan saw that I bought at a garage sale. It appears to be unmolested and the chain moves freely by hand.
  6. dallasak

    Drop Start, no, yes, when, never.

    Been running a saw in the winter/deep snow for close to 50 years and drop start is all I got.
  7. dallasak

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Link to article:
  8. dallasak

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Student cuts a log with a chainsaw while steadying it with her foot in Saturday's Introduction to Chainsaws for Women class at The Folk School
  9. dallasak

    What's wrong with this picture?

  10. dallasak

    MS 260 chain and bar suggestions

    Why the .063 gauge?
  11. dallasak

    My best firewood tool innovation yet

    This boy is happy when there is snow for a sled to move wood.
  12. dallasak

    How leaky?

    My year old 261 c-m leaks, my 40 year old Jonsereds 49sp does not.
  13. dallasak


    Still cooking around here
  14. dallasak

    what's the weirdest thing you have used a chainsaw for ....

    Used to have sled dogs, had a contact with a horse vet, he would call me to remove dead horses that were good for dog food. Sometimes in the winter the dead horses were frozen and too far from the truck, so..Jonsereds 49sp on the job. Truck would get some "looks " on the way home. Dallas
  15. dallasak

    Recommendations for bar oil?

    I'm using Chevron rock drill oil because I found a 5 gallon bucket of the stuff in the ditch.
  16. dallasak

    Show your Wood Stove

    I believe that is the Mama Bear, My Dad had a papa bear and it had two doors.
  17. dallasak

    Jonsereds 49SP - Doing strange things after rebuild

    Chased that same gremlin earlier this winter with my 49sp and discovered the wire to the switch was broken inside the insulation where I had pinched it years ago when servicing the saw. Spliced in some new wire and all was well. Dallas