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  1. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Grandberg double end bar

    I got a double end Granberg bar. Im think on selling looking to see if anyone knows an appropriate value to this i believe its a 42 inch end to end. Bar doesn’t look like it was used much. It has a 404 chain on it too. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Pm850 parts

    I am going to say that it should be good since piston got score so it was a running saw not long ago
  3. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Pm850 parts

    Pm850 parts for sale due to a bad piston. Cylinder has some damage on it. Asking 175 plus shipping.
  4. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Poulan 4000

    I can put a 20 inch bar but that will just increase the shipping part.
  5. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Poulan 4000

    Got a few different quotes from different places cheapest one i see is around $33 and the other is $44 on usps.
  6. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Poulan 4000

    It depends where its going. I need a zip code
  7. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Poulan 4000

    Thank you..
  8. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Poulan 4000

    Either one they are both in great shape.
  9. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Poulan 4000

    I am selling one of my 4000 this is the only pictures at the moment. Clean saw clean piston i will be posting more pictures if anyone is interested. Asking 200 plus the rides
  10. Martin13131

    Want to Sell 2 mcculloch 850

    I have two mcculloch 850s for sale. Saw one in the pictures. mild scoring with good compression still. Gas tank is dirty inside but i have an extra one for it. saw two Is completely taken a part due to a bad piston cylinder has also some damage but everything it there. Paint wise it is not as...
  11. Martin13131

    Want to buy Project saws

    I have a husqvarna 66 its missing all three covers recoil, top and chain. i got it as a parts saw now idea what’s the deal on it. Piston looks clean if you are interested let me know il get you some pictures.
  12. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Older McCulloch Parts

    Any pistons with 92518, 92519 or 92520? If you have any pm me.
  13. Martin13131

    Want to buy Looking for a "big" saw. 80cc+

    This post is from 2018.
  14. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Jonsereds 910

    I have a jonsereds 910 for sale i got two weeks ago in a trade from a friend. I have no use for it. I also have not ran this saw but he said it was running great. I can get a video of it running and cutting if anyone is interested. I am asking 300 plus shipping and open to reasonable offers. I...
  15. Martin13131

    Want to Sell Craftman poulan 3700-3800?

    I have two craftman poulan 3700 possibly 3800 for sale both start and run i have bars and chains for them im asking 100 a piece plus shipping. Clean pistons on both aslo good compression. More pictures and info upon request just ask.
  16. Martin13131

    Want to buy 371xp 372xp 394xp

    I have a 460
  17. Martin13131

    McCulloch PM850 rebuild

    Any chance that you have another set laying around willing to sell?
  18. Martin13131

    Want to buy Mac 850 piston cylinder

    Anyone happen to have a piston and cylinder for a McCulloch pm 850 willing to sell?
  19. Martin13131

    McCulloch PM850 rebuild

    This is gold as i am in a journey to rebuilding one.
  20. Martin13131

    Want to Sell McCulloch

    Do you have one ?