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  1. Oldsawnut

    Want to Sell Stihl 044 professional chainsaw low hours super nice looking and a steal @525 $$$

    Dang that sucks you are in Vancouver BC not Wa. Was thinking about a road trip but alas not that much of one :) Great deal for someone I'm sure it wont last long.
  2. Oldsawnut

    SOLD!!!! Husqvarna 266se Husqvarna 61

    Great deals :)
  3. Oldsawnut

    What Was The Best 70 CC Husky

    I really liked my xpw as well.. 372 with more grunt and tad less top end... Stock that is of course...
  4. Oldsawnut

    What Was The Best 70 CC Husky

    Stacks up great. Feels a bit lighter and more nimble than the 372 but way more vibes, outer clutch, brake flags always brake... Great saw though.
  5. Oldsawnut

    SOLD!!!! Sold

  6. Oldsawnut


    This is a wacker based on a partner saw... They may have used other brands as well though.
  7. Oldsawnut


    Kinda like asking who made the John Deere saws Efco or Echo.... Both Although in this case I think its Partner and Dolmar…. Although there might be more those are just the ones I think I've seen myself. I know Homelite made one that was off brand to just can't remember which.
  8. Oldsawnut

    odd stihl 026

    The choke flap is built into the air filter so usually if there is a cold starting problem it just needs a new filter. I had one that had a bit of flocking blocking the seat partially and caused similar problems.
  9. Oldsawnut

    Want to Sell Anyone interested in a boat load of 056 parts and a few project 056s??

    Probably the strongest 90cc saw I ever ran was a 56 mag with some porting done.... Saw was scary the torque it had at higher rpm's.. Made most of the 66's I ran seem.... Tame.
  10. Oldsawnut

    My husqvarna 136 is killing me- even after carb kit- please help

    Pretty sure nobody thinks its the ignition just covering the bases...
  11. Oldsawnut

    My husqvarna 136 is killing me- even after carb kit- please help

    Usually if you have a flooding problem its not seals, impulse, gasket, boot, etc issue. Those all cause air leaks and a lean condition not rich. The metering lever in the carb that was mentioned earlier could be it. Your filter could be totally sealed off or you choke sticking on. You could try...
  12. Oldsawnut

    Gas Question: Premium Gas or Ethanol Free

    I usually go 87 e free with Stihl oil at 45-1 I don't use higher compression mod saws.. If I was to much over 170psi I might get higher octane fuel.
  13. Oldsawnut

    Husqvarna 268 & 266XP

    This should be in the you suck thread :) Nice saws... They should be pretty close in power with your 372 already if they are all stock.. Torque wise for sure.
  14. Oldsawnut

    Husqvarna 61 vs Stihl 036 pro

    The newer versions of the 61 are great saws. But the 36 will always be lighter with at least as much power. Now if it was a 272 268 266 etc.. Same weight as a 61 but much more power. The biggest prob on the older 61 were the electronics going out. Not fond of the AV buffers either. That whole...
  15. Oldsawnut

    044 wrist pin

    I was thinking perhaps they sent him one someone had sent back and put the circlip on one side already... Only thing I can think of if its just not the wrong pin for the piston. Or the piston being messes up.
  16. Oldsawnut

    044 wrist pin

    And you are sure it doesn't have the circlip/keeper in the groove? I have put a lot of pistons in and have never had a problem with that part of it..... Did you try it going into both sides both the pin and piston.
  17. Oldsawnut

    044 wrist pin

    Should go pretty easy if you are using the right wrist pin.... Do you have a circlip in the piston on that side? 044 had a 10 and 12mm wrist pin option... You might have the wrong piston for the wrist pin. You for sure should never have to heat/cool piston/wrist pin to get it to fit.
  18. Oldsawnut

    Saw That Won't Four Stroke

    Ding ding ding… First thing that popped into my head.
  19. Oldsawnut

    Ms261 question?

    Looks like the saw did great with 3/8 and 3.25 .... I think whatever you have on the saw you will probably like it.
  20. Oldsawnut

    Turns out my Wife was right

    I run a 28 on my 440. It's got plenty of power for it. Mine is the factory R so it's got the ho oiler stock... There have been several oiler styles/variations over the years on the 044-440. Balance is awesome with a 28rw bar or reg 24.