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  1. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! Stihl MS 241 Brand New!

    Dam that was quick.
  2. ChopperG

    Want to Sell Ms441c

    Thanks for confirming. Nice saw.
  3. ChopperG

    Want to Sell Ms441c

    Is the 3/4 Wrap missing the elbow on that? Just wondering.
  4. ChopperG

    Want to Sell Stihl 460

    Price. In the market.
  5. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! Stihl MS460 3/4 Wrap

    Does anyone have one? Looking for OEM.
  6. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! Stihl MS460 Magnum

    Thank GOD that doesn't have a 3/4 Wrap or else I would have bought that in 2 seconds! Beautiful saw.
  7. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! Stihl USG chain grinder

  8. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 044 10mm

  9. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 044 10mm

    This baby is cleannnnnnnn
  10. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! Wyeth Scott Puller

    Anyone selling a Wyeth Scott Puller? Looking at the 3 Ton Model with AmSteel Blue, however, I will be interested in pretty much any. Thanks.
  11. ChopperG

    Want to buy Stihl MS200 Rear Handle Saw

    Looking to see what's out there for MS200 Rear Handles, already have a 200T from Lone Wolf. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
  12. ChopperG

    Want to buy WTB - Stihl Metal Carrying Case for MS460

    Looking for a Stihl Metal Carrying Case. New or Used.
  13. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! NEW Stihl FG2 Bench Mount Filing Guide

    Damnit! How do I always miss these! If you are getting any more in let me know, I have been looking for one now for awhile.
  14. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 28" chains, full skip NIB

    How many do you have?
  15. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! Stihl MS661C $800 Shipped

    I need this thing.
  16. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! Ms261c-m

    Just wondering - why do you prefer the C-Q model? Thanks.
  17. ChopperG

    SOLD!!!! NIB Stihl ms361. 750.00

    Picked up a 361 and an R Kit! Super Easy seller to work with.
  18. ChopperG

    Want to buy Stihl MS 461 Handle

    I'll buy the 3/4 handle on the saw