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  1. CatMan Fetters

    New Saw suggestions

    If you had plan in the beginning you wouldn’t be buying so many saws!
  2. CatMan Fetters

    Using personal climbing gear and saws for company work

    Personally I would never work with people that don’t take tree work serious!!
  3. CatMan Fetters

    What chainsaw is best for my needs? Husqvarna preferably

    562XP, bar length 16 to 28 inches, Light weight ,nimble and all the power that you will need!
  4. CatMan Fetters


    Wildass for the win!!
  5. CatMan Fetters

    Did my Neighbor Just Kill my 50' pine Tree?

    When it comes to pruning trees on the line communication is Paramount!
  6. CatMan Fetters

    Rate my companies shaping job

    Yes I agree, completely different from Mature Hardwoods as I’m sure you know.
  7. CatMan Fetters

    Rate my companies shaping job

    Owned my own tree business for 25 years never topped trees! Bad voodoo.
  8. CatMan Fetters

    Close call

    **** happens fast, Lucky you’re still Alive! Hope you Heal a 100%! Hug your Children!!
  9. CatMan Fetters

    50cc saw with best power to weight?

    Handsaw, under 2lbs!
  10. CatMan Fetters

    New Format

    It SUCKS!!
  11. CatMan Fetters

    SOLD!!!! Trio of NIB Stihls - Shipping included in the prices.

    Unfortunately there’s always someone that has to spoil it for the rest of us!
  12. CatMan Fetters

    Husqvarna 550XP MK I or MK II?

    Get a handsaw they’re nice and light!
  13. CatMan Fetters

    I was excited about my new Holzforma 070...

    Sounds like you got your moneys worth, it made three passes!
  14. CatMan Fetters

    considering Stihl 036 used

    Had mine since new and cut hundreds of cords and have only put spark plugs, fuel and air filter and still eats up the wood!
  15. CatMan Fetters

    After 30 years I discovered top down fire lighting

    What I do is use dryer lint, put some in the cardboard type egg cartons, a little lint in each space, get some candles from a second hand shop and melt down in an old pot then fill each hole up with the wax. Drop in in the middle of a couple of pieces of wood and your good to go.
  16. CatMan Fetters

    Dropping trees near septic/ how to locate septic feild

    Look and see where your stink pipe exits the house then start probing 8 to 12 feet out from your outside wall ,you should be able to find your tank.
  17. CatMan Fetters

    New Husqvarna Combi Can

    PS got it from Amazon!
  18. CatMan Fetters

    New Husqvarna Combi Can

    I have one and love it!
  19. CatMan Fetters

    Vendeta, die squirrels

    My peashooter, Tennessee ridge runner 22LR.