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  1. Mac&Homelite

    SOLD!!!! Parting out Jonsered 510sp

    Sorry, ended up selling it locally whole a year or two ago here.
  2. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Well, that's a good question. $500? I'm sure I'm way off, but I would imagine that the clones drag the prices down a bit.
  3. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Hi all! Long time no talk. Been busy lately with trying to do that thing called graduate college and that has been a bit of a time hog. Been getting more and more into welding as well so that drains most of the funds that used to go to saws. Haven't missed anything in my saw world and by world...
  4. Mac&Homelite

    The Beg for Manuals Thread

    Anyone happen to have a shop service manual for the Briggs & Stratton 475 series? Thanks in advance!
  5. Mac&Homelite

    Want to buy 7900 clutch cover

    Yep, I got an extra spare. Don't have any pictures of it currently, but could probably get some this weekend when I go home. Fair warning on it though, shipping is still really steep for me, I can't seem to get a decent rate locally or online yet.
  6. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    What's up everyone? Been quiet on here. Haven't had much going on with saws lately because of school and my job. I did have an exciting buy this past week. Finally got a good set of dolmar/makita cases for my long winded makita project. Many thanks to @Dahmer for telling me about them! Hopefully...
  7. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Here's what I did.
  8. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    I'll have to dig up a photo of what I did, but I covered my PM 10-10 handle with a strip of EPDM, could use any sort of rubber too, that what I had around though. Looks pretty good to me, and it adds grip and antivibe to the front handle.
  9. Mac&Homelite

    SOLD!!!! Makita 6421 new

    :reading::baba: I sure would like this, great deal too being new and all! Wish I didn't have the funds tied up in two of these parts saws currently though.:( Great saws though, I will get a running one eventually. GLWS
  10. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Foam for the handles? I used some upholstery foam. Looks identical to what you can buy as a filter element. Should be able to get a chunk for free even at an upholstery shop. Not sure about rebuild parts on them. I think its mostly finding another parts saw, which usually isn't too hard since a...
  11. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Boy that is some high water you got down there Steve! Been a pretty wet one this winter so far for me up in Minnesota as well. Had a little snow early on this fall but then nothing really at all after that. Had a lot of rain end of last week, instead of pushing snow, I was pushing water around...
  12. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    I haven't gotten much into the saw trinkets, I'd like not too for the present as well haha. Have enough of a problem collecting old saws. Definitely like collecting old saw ads and manuals. Haven't come across anything locally except for a old Clinton operators manual. I try not to go on ebay...
  13. Mac&Homelite

    Want to Sell Poulan 306a sold

    I'll take it for the price of shipping. Send me a pm and let me know what I owe you.
  14. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    How was everyone's Christmas? Hopefully no in-laws were harmed in the process!;)
  15. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Merry Christmas to you too Steve!
  16. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Yeah, I may have fallen off a ladder shortly after Thanksgiving and broken my leg. Put a little damper on some things but I'm back to doing most things now. Not as much fun to work but I'm not letting it stop me.
  17. Mac&Homelite

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    The little Homelite ez saws are nice little saws. Under appreciated for sure. I should give mine some attention along with the pm 10-10 after my leg heals a bit more.
  18. Mac&Homelite

    Want to Sell Maruyama MCV51

    Having seller's remorse yet?
  19. Mac&Homelite

    Want to Sell Vintage McCulloch bars

    Never seen a bar break like that. That said it would look slick on my 10-10 with a full wrap, and being I know a welder who likes a good project... that same welder also has a pile of saws that are in various states of non working order.:confused: Too bad its .404, also kinda a bit much for the...
  20. Mac&Homelite

    SOLD!!!! Chevy C30 Dually Dump-truck cheap!

    Nice looking rig! Nice price too even if it does need a little work. If I wasn't a broke college student that had absolute no use for a C30 you would have a serious looker. Good luck selling!