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  1. jzack605

    What are your dream trucks?

    Too many to list. Some not even available in the states.
  2. jzack605

    whadja do today?

    @tree MDS @flushcut and anyone else who may know: do you reckon those tracked lifts could take the place of a bucket truck? I know it’s an added piece of equipment to tow to a site but it’s way more versatile in some situations from what I can tell.
  3. jzack605

    Bag o Rope (tree stuff)

    Yep that’s what I have it set up as right now, same way.
  4. jzack605

    PPE in your opinion

    substituting a high viz vest with helmet, or clothing/work attire, that are high viz are way more effective and efficient.
  5. jzack605

    PPE in your opinion

    Glasses when they start fogging up are pretty poor pieces of PPE
  6. jzack605

    PPE in your opinion

    Helmet, ear protection and gloves always for me now. Chaps when cutting on ground. It’s definitely been indoctrinated into me a bit from my full time job which is a good thing. High viz safety vests in my opinion are too much and detrimental, especially with a chipper. Everything gets caught on...
  7. jzack605

    Meindl airstreams sizing

    Was hoping someone might have worn or tried these boots on. About to get a pair but they don’t have my typical size, 9.5. It’s either 9 or 10 and it’s also in euro sizing. Anyone try these on or use these boots know if they run on big size or small size? Or if a euro 42 or 43 is closer to 9.5...
  8. jzack605

    Bag o Rope (tree stuff)

    That’s exactly what I ended up making the 25’ of rope for and using it today.
  9. jzack605

    Bag o Rope (tree stuff)

    Yeah I was looking at that and seemed like a good route to learn without a mentor. Would love to spice them into something usable. Maybe use the longer rope for the learning piece and do multiple.
  10. jzack605

    Bag o Rope (tree stuff)

    Just got a bag o rope with a big shot and cambium saver I purchased on black Friday from treestuff and figuring out best uses for some odd ball sized rope. Made out pretty good; 120' 1/2" Notch Sasquatch (pink) climbing line I'll likely keep this as climbing line despite now having 3 lines...
  11. jzack605

    Treating Linden tree where birds are boring right through branches reach bugs.

    The hell kind of birds y’all got in Australia.
  12. jzack605

    whadja do today?

    That tracked lift is so damn cool.
  13. jzack605

    Funny FB add for climbing.

    Meh, I’ve seen worse.
  14. jzack605

    whadja do today?

    I thought about that too, but there’s still the challenge of getting that piece of equipment in and if it’s worth adding the extra step of chipping where the tree stood and hauling that chipped debris through the apartment and into a truck. dragging brush was probably the wrong term to use. the...
  15. jzack605

    whadja do today?

    Today was an interesting one. A cherry removed in a Brooklyn backyard, the only access was through the apartment. I wasn’t on the removal part but they had to drag the brush carefully through the apartment and to the curb side. Me and one other guy went in to grind the stump a few days later...
  16. jzack605

    Japanese Maple - Value & Replacement

    Not sure where you are located, but a few nurseries in NY specialize in larger specimen trees. Marders and Warrens are the two main ones. They’re in a pretty niche market where they can sell them (Hamptons) and they are by no means inexpensive. They both have excellent success rates with...
  17. jzack605

    whadja do today?

    Do you tow that articulating loader or cart it in the back of the truck it’s behind?
  18. jzack605

    Pole Saw Recommendation

    2-3 pole extensions, a saw head and pole clip head. My pole clip is notch as is my saw head with a Japanese brand blade (don’t remember which). For pruning smaller limbs and trees like hawthorns I prefer a smaller saw blade. You are less likely to cause damage if you follow through with your...
  19. jzack605

    Pear Tree Prune

    I have a small callery pear I gotta prune. Like all these (junk) trees it’s got long heavy limbs that definitely need to be brought back and reduced weight. As brittle as they are, do any of you get concerned with limb walking and anchor points on these trees?