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  1. Jason Douglas

    Oak Tree disease or insects?

    Phosphite, not phosphate. Apples and oranges if it turns out to be an oomycete
  2. Jason Douglas

    Oak Tree disease or insects?

    I've seen two lined chestnut borer damage leak before. Possible I suppose in this case
  3. Jason Douglas

    Alternative to bleach for sterilizing

    I've used it in greenhouses but don't know about it on saws
  4. Jason Douglas

    How to save Oak trees with OAK WILT.

    You are a moron.
  5. Jason Douglas

    Advice for selling Japanese Maple

    Who is going to dig, move, AND keep alive a 33 year old Japanese maple? Most
  6. Jason Douglas

    Tree decline after construction

    Same in here Columbus
  7. Jason Douglas

    Apple tree mushrooms

    Trametes can attack living sapwood when the tree is stressed and decay is quite advanced.
  8. Jason Douglas

    Bur oak issues, photos included

    Looks like sun scald/SW disease and two lined chestnut borer.
  9. Jason Douglas

    Need help identifying tree

    X 3
  10. Jason Douglas

    What trees don't like fall transplanting?

    Search fall dig hazard trees. I believe Bill Hendricks (Klyn Nurseries I think) has put out lists of fall dig trees to avoid.
  11. Jason Douglas

    Poplars- rot or not?

    I would want to see better pics of the wood in cross section. From here it looks irregular with possible zone lines. Furthermore, does poplar form heartwood?
  12. Jason Douglas

    Japanese knot weed

    Depends on what it is close to. If isolated, 2,4-D as that stuff has shown some glyphosate resistance.
  13. Jason Douglas

    SE tree id

  14. Jason Douglas

    Pin Oak help

    The Gauls are forever invading. Just like the Huns.
  15. Jason Douglas

    Need a couple confirmations and recommendations

    That's a big effing holly...
  16. Jason Douglas

    What happened here?

    Adventitious roots arising from the callous of the wound reaction. I've seen them growing extensively into highly degraded heart wood on occasion. Life from death as they say.
  17. Jason Douglas

    Please Help! Mulberry Tree

    They're quite prone to wetwood/fluxing and quite a few critters can be found in these areas. How does the canopy look?
  18. Jason Douglas

    Identity of this white lilac?

    That's probably V. carlesii, Korean spice bush viburnum.
  19. Jason Douglas

    Invasive or not invasive? What is this!

    The smell will give it away if so.
  20. Jason Douglas

    What can I do to improve the health of the wooded parts of my property?

    Get pics of the dogwoods in bloom. I've never seen a lot of pagoda dogwoods in one place. Sounds cool.