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    Stihl 390 saw

    I'd suggest you walk away, I had one, liked it well enough but always kicked myself for not dropping the extra $100 on the 360. It will pull a 25" fine in hardwood, but I wouldn't go any bigger. It's an "OK" saw and I won't badmouth it, but with what you are talking about I think you're money...
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    New lawn advice

    I agree with the rye, takes roots, breaks the soil and clumps down as well as minimizing erosion. Then if it stays cool and wet, over seed and do it again with the grass of your choice. If not, hit it in the fall and cover it with straw to insulate and keep erosion down.
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    Solved If this forum gets any slower and fidgety......

    Same thing, last two days it's hit and miss at best, most times I just give up out of frustration.
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    I could use some advice from you all.

    Just a couple of things to consider, the dealer told you what he thought he could sell it for, but he has a large customer base, offers financing and can afford to sit on it. You have none of that. He also said "to the right person", how many of them are out there and will you find one of them...
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    hyrdraulic question

    You can pressure test it, but there are so many variables. Are the seals blown out in the cylinder? Is the pump blown out on the second stage? Is the pump set right? If it's home built can you/where will you be able to get parts for the parts he used and will it cost more than buying one that...
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    Amateur taking too big of a top?

    The saw should never have been up there the way it ran! They should have let the top run on the line rather than had it tied static, that was the biggest mistake. Rather than having the top run down, it loaded the top of the tree creating the spring effect we saw. Once the tree was loaded it was...
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    Why Husqvarnas are a like a Mattel Toy......

    Never mind the MS260, turd, the MS362, bloated turd, and heaven forbid we bring up the MS201t! But yeah, Huskys really suck.
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    Saw Builder Name Dropping

    Seems I've upset the Apple cart and the fanboys are not happy. I guess I have to apologize all the saw builders are excellent, I just don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to chainsaws.
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    Free Wood--what is it worth?

    I've had a 30" Oak barberchair on me when the wind shifted. I've had a 12" Poplar turn into a parachute when I blew the top out of it, even tied to a skid steer, went right for the power lines! Had a limb roll off another right onto a neighboring house as I was dropping an Elm tree between two...
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    Not another 346XP!

    Sorry, but I have to back out of this for a while, Spring seems to try and kill me. I'm in indescribable pain, the meds, or booze, seem to do little to nothing to ease it, so it's in everyone's best interest I bow out for a bit.
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    Stihl 361 vs. 390

    It pains me to admit this, after years of bashing them, but since Echo bought out Shindaiwa, they really are producing some decent stuff for the money. OK, let me duck and run now.
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    Not another 346XP!

    Again, point missed. I'm actually not bashing Brad on this one, I'm bashing the saw itself. I think it's highly overrated, I've heard the NE is better, I don't know, nor do I care, to be completely honest. I know fully well what goes into porting a saw, I'm not even complaining about the $200 to...
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    Not another 346XP!

    So, $300ish for a saw, plus whatever parts it needs (hey, they are all used now), $200 to port it, $125 for a carb to make it run, we are at $625 without issues. $750 I can buy a new 562XP and run 19-28" bars, with ease. $250-300 I can get a used 5100, then about $20? in Dremel bits and I can...
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    Not another 346XP!

    Right, add $125 to a, what, $200 port job? Then the price of the saw on top of that? Hell, I could buy an 046 for that kind of money! The 346 I built, then sold, I got a call two hours after they got it wanting to know what I'd done! The new owner compared it to his EHP saw and mine was just a...
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    Not another 346XP!

    No Brad, not to that level, but how much time and money do you have wrapped up in that thing? What would it cost to have one built? What do you think the longevity of it will be? Is it useful for more than cutting cookies? I'm just looking at the practicality of it, the usefulness vs. the cost...
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    Solved Moderators Needed!!!

    This is my first time back here in years and of the two hours I've been trying to post, better than an hour of that the site has been down for maintenance, then a good 15min of "server errors". Doesn't seem like "high traffic" to me?
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    Saw Builder Name Dropping

    "Snelerized", Yeah, not sure I want to laugh or puke! Kinda like Simon, for some strange reason. But most of mine get the "Gypo" rat tail file mod, and they seem to like it?
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    Stihl 361 vs. 390

    Late on this one, been MIA for a while, but yes, I have to agree with the Husky 562 as well. IF you can find a 360, SNAG it, at any price! The 361 isn't far behind, but the 362 is a fat turd! Stihl has really dropped the ball and it saddens me to say that, but they are going to really have to...
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    Free Wood--what is it worth?

    Are you licensed? Are you insured? What happens when something goes wrong, which it will, sometime. What then? That "free" wood ends up costing you a lot in the long run! Yeah, they are looking for a deal, but don't think for a second they wont sue you if something goes south! Don't think for a...
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    Not another 346XP!

    Again, one of the most over rated saws. Give me three hours with a Husky 350 and it will walk circles around a 346, give me 3 hours with a Dolmar 5100 and you can run a 20" 3/8" all day and not have to run your big saw. Sorry, why spend the time and effort to make it what it should have been...