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    Inside the Stihl MS500i - SNELLERIZED Style

    Alex you are spot on with what you said. I was sitting at the hotel beer garden in Stuttgart with some engineers from STIHL a few years ago and the topic of performance and mods came up. One of the guys used a MS 441 for example. Rated at about 5 hp with proper care and maintenance that saw can...
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    201tc brand new crank play !?

    The MS 200 and MS 201 models use roller bearings on the mains which will always have a few thousands end play. This is normal for these models. The 1120 series (009,etc.) and the 015 also used roller bearings in case anyone cares to know.
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    MS500i review

    I guess I will go ahead and give some facts on this saw to help dispel any myths or confusion about how it works. First of all I work for STIHL and I am not here to try to sell anybody anything but I do like working for STIHL and I like what we build and sell and I am not ashamed to say so. The...
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    Stihl USG

    USG video tutorials on iCademy
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    Question about Stihl serial numbers

    225406807 does not come up 234210435 is an 026 sold 1997
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    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    I had no idea there was a Fuji version. The frame on mine looks the same with square tubing and the brace at the front so I assumed yours had just been fitted with a different motor. I found all the manuals and some ads online and no mention of other variations.
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    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

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    Vintage Chainsaw Museum

    Well Mark I forgot all about the picture you took of us. Steve (on the right) passed away in his sleep about 3 years ago, just so you know. I helped his wife dispose of his saws and shop tools at an auction house as she needed the money quick. So I have not found any other collectors around here...
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    Vintage Chainsaw Museum

    Hey Mark, congratulations on getting a special place for your collection. My shop was overflowing with shelves and saws to where I could hardly turn around so I got a good deal on a used 10X20 shed, did some work on the inside and now I have all my STIHL models, plus a few other brands, where I...
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    Help me figure out these Stihl Brushcutters please! FS311, FS360, FS240

    I am looking at the intro Tech Bulletin and it says that the FS 240 has a drive tube length of 58.9 ", 1496 mm, and the FS 240R is 61.6 ", 1565 mm. Overall length is FS 240 71.1 in, 1805 mm and FS 240R is 73.4", 1865 mm. FS 240 is bike handle and FS 240 R is loop handle. So the R model is...
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    You need to find out what came through the transfer and gouged the piston. Could be a piece of the big end rod bearing cage, so crank is no good if that is the case. Could be a crank bearing fail on either side. Also check the crankcase carefully. If a foreign piece got under the crank...
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    Vintage Saws (and other stuff) at Stihl Factory in Virginia Beach!

    Glad you enjoyed the tour Scott. Alex I can't believe it has been 6 years since you came through Gold. Time is going too fast...
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    Echo Twin CST-610EVL Information Sharing Thread!

    Hi Scott, Interesting that these saws made it to Italy. I have the John Deere version with the broken handle bracket and rear handle just as you said. Runs great. I had it at work and we had a young German engineer visiting so I let him cut with it and he was amazed at how smooth a saw older...
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    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Lonestar, are you an Aggie? stihl #1, class of 76
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    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

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    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    OK then here you are:
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    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Sorry I have no idea. He gave it to me as a thank you for sharing my training curriculum with him.
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    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    076 is new from a friend in Mexico where they still sold them until recently. It is a modern version and substantially different than my old US model from 30 years ago. A lot of improvements but no deco valve so I will probably never even try to start it with my old shoulder. The Homelite is a...
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    Unique saws

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    Unique saws

    Wright reciprocating saws, no clutch, throttle is the kill switch so when you let go completely the engine stops.