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  1. Yukon Stihl

    Stihl 028 wood boss questions

    Probably something you did when you rebuilt the carb,try another carb or take a look at it again. Did you blow any pressurized air through the carb?
  2. Yukon Stihl

    Stihl 009 Chainsaw. As near-New as possible. Worth it to re-build?

    Why does it need a rebuild? If it was just put away after use it may just need a carb clean and fresh gas.
  3. Yukon Stihl

    Stihl 038 Magnum II Repair

    Never throw out a saw there are others that will need parts...
  4. Yukon Stihl

    Want to buy Husqvarna 2100 rebirth questions

    Hard to bore out a blind cylinder... Make a removable head cylinder if you are going to start spending money on building a hotsaw.You will need to work with port timing piston heights ect if you start using a different piston
  5. Yukon Stihl

    It's been a good run, but.......

    Chicken Chow Meow...
  6. Yukon Stihl

    Need a manual for an Eager Beaver wood Processor

    Hi All I have the mentioned wood processor that was made in Salmo British Columbia. I would be interested in any manuals out there. I would buy or pay for a copy. Thanks
  7. Yukon Stihl

    The Beg for Manuals Thread

    Actually i was cleaning parts today and it is a 7-55 I have another one sitting waiting for a ride that i was thinking of,i guess i better refresh my memory.
  8. Yukon Stihl

    The Beg for Manuals Thread

    Hi All Looking for an oldie.. Working on a 5-25 McCulloch that supposedly ran a couple years ago. I am trying to get the carb clean enough to work. Any manual on the 5-25 would help or one for a 99. They are very similar I have a 99 engine that has almost the same carb. Thanks for your help in...
  9. Yukon Stihl

    Super XL Automatic seized up

    It wasn't your gas,it takes forever for oil to settle out of gas. You should pressure vac test it before you tear it apart. I have lots of parts saws if you need parts
  10. Yukon Stihl

    "You Suck" Thread 2020"--Pics required!

    Lady leaving town gave me 3 double rolls untouched Free...
  11. Yukon Stihl

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 201t runner? Project

    Hi PM sent Thanks Thomas
  12. Yukon Stihl

    Want to buy 371xp 372xp 394xp

    What do you have for a trade on 371 full heated wrap saw PO name scribed in numerous places. Thanks
  13. Yukon Stihl

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 201t runner? Project

    Interested if you decide to sell it Thanks
  14. Yukon Stihl

    Want to Sell Big mac 790

    If you show some pictures of the bottom of the saw and pictures of the bar that will stop a bunch of questions.The bottom of the saw has the ser number and block number.A roller tip on the bar is allways worth extra The saw looks like it's seen an easy life. To get the best money people will...
  15. Yukon Stihl

    Want to Sell Big mac 790

    without any pictures... I'll offer $20.00
  16. Yukon Stihl

    Diesel chainsaw.?

    I have one like that. Mine is missing the recoil which has the model and serial number. Havnt had my hands on it yet. I traded a 1958 sno traveler for it
  17. Yukon Stihl

    MS201t Problem

    Hi ,would you like to sell your old parts? I have a saw that needs some parts to make a runner out of it
  18. Yukon Stihl

    "You Suck" Thread 2020"--Pics required!

    look Looks like a few more goodies at that honey hole. Are you going back next week?
  19. Yukon Stihl

    MS201t Problem

    Could be tight main bearings I just got a box of MS460,so i decided to pull the cyl,it was missing a bolt. with everything removed,clutch,flywheel it is hard to turn the crank in the cases. I am going to split the cases to check out the bearings
  20. Yukon Stihl

    371 xp The **** happened???

    I got a really low hour 3120 in a box that stopped like that.A screw jambed between the flywheel and coil.Broke the coil and flywheel . The PO took it apart violently after it seized and disgusted with it threw it in a box.