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    Stihl 441 oil leak... is this an issue?

    I’ve been storing my saws as photographed. Been doing it for several months no problem. Just noticed this morning the 441 is leaking oil. Appears to be coming out of the spilt in the case. How much of a Problem is this? Will it cause an air leak? Or should I just stop storing it this way and not...
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    SOLD!!!! 550XP

    Tempting. Need to sell my cs-490 first.
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    Want to buy Stihl OEM wrap handle

    Looking to put a wrap handle on my 441. Prefer OEM.
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    Any reason not to drill my own oil hole in new bar

    Thanks for all the tips. It oils well.
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    Any reason not to drill my own oil hole in new bar

    The stock bar has oil holes. Good call though. I’ll check.
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    Any reason not to drill my own oil hole in new bar

    Mounts totally fine. I can use the old (bent) bar as a jig to make sure it’s all lined up. It’s an Oregon bar I bought off eBay said fits “echo, Poulan, craftsmen, Shindaiwa and listed all the models” I thought I saw 490 but in review I don’t see it. My fault. Everything seems fine except no...
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    Any reason not to drill my own oil hole in new bar

    Looks like I ordered the wrong replacement bar for my Echo 490. The one I got doesn’t have oil holes. I don’t want to be bothered with sending it back etc. any reason not to drill my own holes? Seems very straight forward and probably faster than repacking it to ship back.
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    SOLD!!!! Stihl,Husqvarna and Dolmar/Makita

    Good because I want the 026 but don’t need it so that makes things easier.
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    SOLD!!!! Stihl,Husqvarna and Dolmar/Makita

    I’m not good at acronyms. What’s SPF stand for?
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    Best place to buy Echo 490?

    The post worked. Bought one from someone on this site with the MM and limiter work done. Makes life easier.
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    Best place to buy Echo 490?

    Good to know. That’s the price I’ve heard them rumored to sell for. Thanks!
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    Best place to buy Echo 490?

    Where is everyone finding the deals echo 490's? The only place selling them near me is HD. So with that in mind I would prefer to find a better deal online. Planning to remove carb limiters and do a MM so I'm not going to worry about the warranty. I've heard of people getting them for under...
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    Basically a 450 right?

    Seems like a good deal even if it’s a homeowner saw... thoughts...
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    SOLD!!!! Stihl MS260/MS361

    So what's the story with the saws? Mexico still has new 260's and 361's? I realize both are good saws but wouldn't Stihl want their latest products in every market? Do they send old excess inventory to countries without EPA regulations? How can you be sure they aren't knock offs? I'm curious...
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    Timber Fallers Saw?

    I’m dropping big firs and cutting oak for selling firewood with a 441. I pick it up over my 660 9 times out of 10 because of the weight advantage. If I need a bar bigger than 28 it’s the 660
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    MS180 Adjustable Carb

    Unplug 6 0’ clock and plug 9.
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    MS180 Adjustable Carb

    Successfully did the swap to the WT-215. I would love to see some photos of others muffler mods. Or ideas on what you did. All the old photos don’t show up any longer on this thread. Tuning seemed optimal at 2600 rpms at idle and a steady 14200 max. Also went to a 7t rim sprocket.
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    MS180 Adjustable Carb

    I’m doing this mod now don’t understand this step either. Did you figure it out?
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    SOLD!!!! Echo CS-490

    Good deal. All the front end work done. I’d jump on it if I weren’t broke.
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    SOLD!!!! Lone Wolf MS200T #2

    You currently have any you are working on and will have up for sale soon?