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  1. Rockjock

    Stihl MS 261 C-M challenge

    If it is less than a year old take it in for service, the solenoid is it the upgraded one?
  2. Rockjock

    Pole saw recommendation and review

    Echos lack of dealer support has pretty much sealed their fate here in Ontario. The landscaping professionals seem to pick Stihl over Echo by a huge margin. The fact that parts take forever to arrive, the lack of dealer support and the way they treat the end user has put a sour taste in most...
  3. Rockjock

    Went to pick up new saw, came home with a second

    I thought this as well but the constant stream of US customers buying 441s from me has yet to dry up. I do know they are still in stock and in the warehouse. It maybe the dealer is just being lazy.
  4. Rockjock

    Pole saw recommendation and review

    I sell a great many of them to homeowners as well as a few of the smaller outfits. It is an easy sell since the pros only run Stihl.
  5. Rockjock

    TimberPro saws

    How I wish it was just a 1 of... but to have 2... besides even just the 1 and echo simply stuck its head in the sand and decided to leave the customer out in the cold. Customer service is lacking on their part. If I need a warranty part it is 4-6 weeks on average. I fail to see how anyone in...
  6. Rockjock

    TimberPro saws

    I think there will be more then a little crying my friend. I have 2 CS590s that both are condemned because of casting issues and the manufacturer will not do anything about it. Not just that but they still have to pay my company for warranty work. At the 2017 landscape show it was a veritable...
  7. Rockjock

    New 60cc saw advice

    I was at the landscape show and echo had a dismal booth. My rep was AWOL yet again. When she did appear the conversation came up asking when we would order more saws to which I answered that as soon as we are paid for our warranty work then we might think about ordering. I have to say the...
  8. Rockjock

    stihl 017 possible missing part

    I have taken some saws from work like that, but I have to admit that it is a hard pill to swallow to present a customer a bill for 100.00 on a 200.00 saw. Most times those saws end up as parts or in the bin. Off brands are more likely to be binned for lack of dealer support.
  9. Rockjock

    Anyone Using The Stihl 2 in 1 Sharpener ?

    I got mine a year before they came out here in Canada and showed them to my boss and he was sold. Once we could get them they began to fly off the shelves. On Saturdays at work I will show people how to tension chains, sharpen chains and general maintenance on the saws they have bought. Monday...
  10. Rockjock

    Customs clearance charges on Baileys shipping to Canada?

    What is it that you are wanting shipped? No local contacts that can help you out? .. :D
  11. Rockjock

    Stihl MS440 making a come back?

    about 1016.00 USD 1160.CAD plus 13% sales tax
  12. Rockjock

    Stihl MS440 making a come back?

    We have them in Ontario, always was able to get them. If you would like 1 just ask.. i have sold a dozen or so to friends south of the border
  13. Rockjock

    The verdict is in concerning my powwermatch bar!

    Little Al you bring up some excellent points but what I find odd about this whole thing is that once the bar was sent in the company did not follow protocol. Once a part fails it is sent to the manufactures site for evaluation. The place that made it is in Ontario Canada and they would be the...
  14. Rockjock

    Echo CS280T or Stihl MS193T

    Dealer relationships are important IMO. I am biased because I never see any professionals using echo so the impression is they are just not up to the task. 3 weeks for a tank vent under warranty is just a joke. Once Echo sold out to the big box stores the dealer service is just gone. It might...
  15. Rockjock

    Stihl dealer withouts parts or service

    Stihl Dealer or Stihl Retailer? Is that like a burger and fries cook calling himself a chef? Like getting donuts from a dunkin donuts and calling it a bakery? Here we have some local Home Hardware stores ( much like an ACE Hardware in the states ) selling Stihl but they are not dealers, they...
  16. Rockjock

    Stihl or husqvarna dealership

    In my case Husqvarna dealer experience is pretty much dismal. As I have said in the past many dealers have thrown in the towel with Husqvarna because of the lack of dealer commitment. I can go into a home depot and buy a homeowner saw for less than I can at the dealer. Ordering parts thats...
  17. Rockjock

    066 to buy or not to buy

    whats shipping to
  18. Rockjock


    Yes once I log off I have to re-log on again.. it usually fixes itself after a few days.
  19. Rockjock

    Stihl 039

    Dirko is all we use and it works very well. Take your time when you rebuild it and all will be golden!
  20. Rockjock

    Stihl or husqvarna dealership

    I think the choice will be a complex one. Which one has the best dealer presence, best dealer support and best market share. Also product lines as well. You can not make a living just selling saws. Then there is location. Product demand... Where I am the choice would be easy Stihl, but you...