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  1. dswensen

    Homelite 330 carb

    Search for "carb tuning" and sit back for about 6 days worth of reading. Lots of information, and opinions, on here. Don't go with the first procedure you read.
  2. dswensen

    stihl 026 service manual

    Look at Post #26
  3. dswensen

    Homelite 330 carb

    Agreed - not hard, but you have to have a fair amount of patience. If you've already had a hard day and one more little thing will set you off - that's not the day to tackle this project. OP, did you try messing with the "L" screw as I suggested above? Any luck?
  4. dswensen

    Homelite 330 carb

    Sounds to me like it starves for fuel when you open the choke. Try setting the "L" screw out (CCW) a 1/4 turn at a time and see if it gets better. And yes, a torn intake boot is a common problem, but first try more out on "L"
  5. dswensen

    How many Chainsaws do you own?

    Same here, and close to the average of those two numbers. I live on a 10,000 sqft suburban lot, and I have a gas fireplace. There has to be some crazy in there somewhere.
  6. dswensen

    Tricks of the trade

    This is sure true. I work on antique clocks as well. Pictures during disassembly of the movements sure makes the impossible possible in getting all the gears, pivots and springs back in the right places.
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    FarmerTec Huztl MS660 Updated Build Kit - Build Thread

    Understood. Some of the threads "unravel" quickly and go off course. That is why some important information bears repeating from time to time. Also, go easy on the muffler bolts when tightening. I stripped one of mine pretty easily. I can't prove it, but I felt that one of the bolts was a...
  8. dswensen

    FarmerTec Huztl MS660 Updated Build Kit - Build Thread

    When they get warm, the black button on top comes loose and comes off. This allows the stem to possibly fall into the cylinder and really mess things up. I add this in case new members are reading. This has been well documented in this and other threads in the past.
  9. dswensen

    MS 039 project help.

    What's your cleaning process?
  10. dswensen

    Flying Circlips

    I tried this too, but my hands and the equipment being worked on were too big for the bag. I moved to working in a dry cleaning bag - the kind that your dry cleaning comes home in. More pliable, more room for hands and equipment, can see through it better, and does the job.
  11. dswensen

    MS290 stopped working

    Did this with a Honda CB 750 once. I'd like to say it was a long time ago, when I was young and dumb. I'd LIKE to say that ...... :dumb2:
  12. dswensen

    Poulan pro pre mix

    I once heard someone say to take degrees Celsius and "double it and add thirty" to get degrees Fahrenheit. Not precise, but it gets you close when talking about normal climate temps. That's as far as I go with this stuff.
  13. dswensen

    Poulan pro pre mix

    "What's a liter?" asked the American while defying the measurement system most of the rest of the world uses. Can't wrap my backward little brain around degrees Celsius either. Makes my head hurt.
  14. dswensen

    MS270 intake torn. Again. And other questions

    If the tear opens up while it is running, it will suck in air through the tear, and since the boot is after the carb in the intake system, it will draw more air (some through the carb, and some through the tear) with the same amount of fuel, creating a lean condition. This will, at best, create...
  15. dswensen

    MS270 intake torn. Again. And other questions

    I think it would be more accurate to say that a worn AV system, and/or yanking on a saw that has been pinched in the cut, creates more movement of the bar/engine vs the carb box than the saw was designed for - thereby allowing the boot to tear.
  16. dswensen

    026 how many pulls to start?

    Usually 5 on my 026 - no more than 3 with the choke on or she floods, and then usually 2 on fast idle and off she goes
  17. dswensen

    Do you fix chainsaws and....

    As I approach retirement, I have thought of this too. If people were appreciative, not abusive, and paid their bills, I would consider it. However, as many on this site know, many people are NOT appreciative, ARE abusive, and do NOT pay their bills. I think I'll enjoy retirement a different...
  18. dswensen

    Do you fix chainsaws and....

    Heck, I'll fix things that most people throw away, My wife's hair dryer is on it's second cord, and just yesterday, I fixed a fan blade in the stupid thing. I guess I don't have a line anywhere.
  19. dswensen

    Do you fix chainsaws and....

    Yep, agreed. My superpower (the only one I have) is to be able to look at something broken or in pieces and figure out how it is supposed to work or go together. Makes me handy around the house for a great number of things - or so I'm told. My latest thing is repairing mechanical clocks...
  20. dswensen

    Dumb Questions

    I want to live there too. Was there about this time last year. They have more sheep than people. Since many people are ..... less than stellar examples of what humanity should be ..... I liked the sheep-to-people ratio in New Zealand. New Zealanders are amazing. And their islands are gorgeous!