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  1. woodbooga

    Tree ID by leaves...

    Nice work! Bit of advice for the woorburners. If you don't farm, get to know your local farmers. Locust is prefered for a lot of fencing. Low rot rate. Buy when it goes, it rots at ground level with the rest still solid. Too short to keep to reuse. I heated my house all last year when I...
  2. woodbooga


    This made my day. I passed some 20 Mass. tags going to the feed store today.
  3. woodbooga

    Sugar Maple

    All the sugars I've busted up were either yard trees or from sugrabushes. They turn with the Wind and heliotrope to face the sun - plus they limb out anywhere they can well may. Anything like that's a ***** to split compared to a sky-reaching forest tree. That's regardless of species. I had a...
  4. woodbooga

    To season wood, must it be covered

    I like to toss a cover on come Oct. to keep the wetness out before brning what's in the dooryard. One thing to keep in mind is not all moisture's created equal. Green moisture's part of a recently living plant. The log's hanging on to it for dear life like clutches. Dead moisture's a different...
  5. woodbooga

    Here ya go ! ID it.

    Horse chestnut - though by the bark I wouldn't know. (The ones I see were planted in the 1920s-50s as a yard ornamental and fully mature) Nuts (toxic to people) Flower
  6. woodbooga

    Band name for AS members

    I forgot about Snackeys! Me and my a capella quartet, Handlebar Harlan and the Muttonchop Minstrels will sing snackey praises in your honor!
  7. woodbooga

    New guy in Maine

    Welcome to the area. Don't venture to Tatnic - if the balancing boulder don't get you the cavemen and the Boston boys will.,31174909p
  8. woodbooga

    What I like about cutting Willow

    I've only dealt with one p/u load of willow. Cut 1+ years into rounds and a pain to split. Axe just buried if I hit the inward grain. Hitting the outer diameter was easier, but it was a meadow tree that turned with the sun. So not a nice straight grained specimen, kept chunking off in imperfect...
  9. woodbooga

    The Connecticut Woodbooga

    I stay off the highways. Will go backroad doorknocken or pop in at the pallet shop when they got the free wood shingle out. Mostly I just cut dead and down on a wildlife mgt lot I lucked into a bunch of years back. Them in the vid parked along the guard are some brave scroungers. Long on balls...
  10. woodbooga

    On my way to some red oak

    that's red maple. Sometimes it grows in swamps or is swamp adjacent. It's a mainstay of my supply. One year seasoning from the splitstump and it's super wood. Not as good as sugar maple, but scores better than silver.
  11. woodbooga

    shorts and uglies to the rescue!

    My 9-yo son helped me yesterday cutting and hauling deadfall. I cut, we both loaded. He was diligent in picking up anything and everything. After the big stuff was in the truck, he went back and gathered limbs, stubs and shorties. "Dad, your saw touched these so it cost money - so we should make...
  12. woodbooga

    To cover or not???

    Wood dries in the winter through a process known as sublimation where solid ice transfers directly to vapor. That's the science behind freeze-drying - and why your ice cubes mysteriously shrink in the freezer. I personally rarely cover - but most all hardwood in my pile. Softies like mentioned...
  13. woodbooga


    Nice post. Many of those men would have had children. Their laughter will never be known. Some of them would have attended college under the GI bill. That knowledge will never be known. Others of them might have learned to play the piano or the guitar. Those are notes that will never have...
  14. woodbooga

    Got your wood in yet??

    Yes an no. I live an hour from the ocean - but 1000 feet above sea level. We have no coastal plain in much of New England.Drive a half hour, and you're in a different climate zone. I've diven from a Portsmouth mix/rain to a Winnipesaukee snow welter with a foot of snow waiting in the driveway...
  15. woodbooga

    1000 Pounds of Bark

    Any bark over 8" is kindlin. Always been since we need to light the cookstove daily. Oak bark keeps a nice linear shape - a 24" round shoots off semi-round husks that I'll hand break into 2" wide kindles that I mix with similar size white pile splits. Beech and maple bark - not so much. Best...
  16. woodbooga

    Got your wood in yet??

    4 cord in the barn - but that includes a lot of white and red pine for kinnlen - so that's a cheat number. More like 3.5. Need 4.5 to daily light the cookstove and keep her runnen through the long NH winter 3 cords in the dooryard under tarps waiting for a dry snap to air out before making the...
  17. woodbooga

    Bonfire blues

    I've been more of a drive by poster lately, popping in occasionally. Your friend needs to know when Rev. Edwards lived and wrote - unless you accidentally misquoted him. He was at his height in the 1740s and had real issues with spiders! For fun, google 'Sinners in the hands of an angry God'...
  18. woodbooga

    Bonfire blues

    Hey, Mustache - well wishes and good tidings on the baby on the way. Fun story, but tell your preacher friend that Jonathan Edwards was preachen in the 1740s. He's the 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God' guy and was the posterchild for evangelical populism in during the Great Awakening...
  19. woodbooga

    Wood ID(Should be easy)

    That's black birch. I just cut up 2 of these. Slower rot rate than white/paper birch. They can look a lot like pin cherry or even smaller honey locust. This is yellow birch