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  1. JeffGu

    Still HT131 chain not spinning when extended

    It's disengaging when fully extended... try extending it out all the way except for about two inches, and see if the chain is still spinning up. If it is, then you have to figure out why the poles are extending too much. Something has slipped.
  2. JeffGu

    Is this knot save?

    Commonly used for footlocking ascents, back in the day. If it's not slipping on you, or binding up, then it's fine.
  3. JeffGu

    Help bee keeper up first tree.

    This HARNESS will work for you, for infrequent climbs to dig around for a queen bee. Cheap, made in China, but surprisingly good quality for the price. It's a knockoff of the older style Petzl Sequoia, and is about the same as far as comfort goes. I picked one up for a 15 year old who wants to...
  4. JeffGu

    Opinions on this big tree?

    It's a pine tree in the middle of a flea market, with vehicle traffic right over its root zone. I'd say you're killing it. Replace it with a ceramic yard gnome. They're low maintenance, and will guard your garage sale while you're at lunch.
  5. JeffGu

    Ash tree help

    I get it here: Imidacloprid 2F
  6. JeffGu

    Palm trunk too close to barrier wall

    It's a good thing people don't buy house pets the way they buy trees. "But, it looked so cute when it was in the nursery, in a little pot!" Yup. I'm sure it was adorable. Then again, so are polar bear cubs. When they get up to about a thousand pounds or so, the cuteness starts to wear off.
  7. JeffGu

    I want to save my tree

    Yeah, no tar. Organic mulch is best. Lava rock doesn't look the least bit "natural" unless you live on a volcanic island. It's like a plastic flamingo in Nebraska. Might as well be a plastic kangaroo.
  8. JeffGu

    I want to save my tree

    There's a lot of mechanical damage to that maple from lawn mower and/or weed whacker, so you'll really need to watch that. It's young, and can probably heal up from that damage, so you'll just have to give it time.. it's small enough that it should be easy to replace if it starts getting worse...
  9. JeffGu

    Sever Mulch Volcano Damage

    Sure... they're even cheaper than I thought. As I said, this is cheap enough that you can burn them up and toss them without feeling bad. I've yet to burn one up, though. ToolShop MultiTool
  10. JeffGu

    Wrapped around our treehouse!!

    There really isn't any limit to the diameter of the trunk, other than how long the tree can survive... it will eventually die, but it could be eight feet in diameter by then. Those ultra-rare, Sequoia-Oak trees can get huge...
  11. JeffGu

    Old veteran requests supervision

    You can almost stop now and just open a theme park.
  12. JeffGu

    building with untreated posts

    That's a 5.6 lbs. per square foot static load... how much do you think an asphalt shingle roof weighs? You're not putting a parking garage up, are you?
  13. JeffGu

    Touching an Oak Wilt Tree

    Ten percent chlorine bleach in water will kill the fungus. Let it sit for a few minutes before washing it off and then use oil or WD40 on the tools so they don't rust up. Unless the stumps have fungal spore mats on them, it's unlikely to be a problem. This time of year, it's unlikely the spore...
  14. JeffGu

    Sever Mulch Volcano Damage

    I have four of these... under $30 when they're on sale at Menards. Bought the first one just for this kind of stuff, because they are so cheap. Surprisingly, a couple of years later, it still hadn't burned up. I loaned it to my father-in-law for a bathroom remodel project he was working on, and...
  15. JeffGu

    Help with tree disease identification

    That's the "You need to buy a chainsaw!" bug... it's quite common in trees that have been neglected and dying for years. They emerge from their pupae stage just in time to admire the look on a homeowner's face when they suddenly realize that trees actually need some attention before they are...
  16. JeffGu

    Looking for advice on cutting a tree

    I recommend two sticks of dynamite and a long fuse.
  17. JeffGu

    Lilac tree pruning advice needed

    I need some advice on how to prune a lollipop to look like a tree...
  18. JeffGu

    Pole Gaffs or Tree Gaffs for the novice???

    He does. I have two sets of Gecko CF climbers, one always has tree gaffs mounted, the other set I use either pole or Euro style gaffs (depending on the trees I'm climbing). Having two sets of climbers is nice, because it's faster to change to another set than it is to swap out the spikes. Still...
  19. JeffGu

    Hanging tops and chainsaw safety...

    Letting the rope slip through your hands, or leaning back a bit and taking a few steps toward the tree when the chunk hits the rope... or both... will let the load hit the rope gently and ease into the descent. Of course, you shouldn't be handling a rigging line without gloves. Most people get a...
  20. JeffGu

    Weaver Cougar Saddle - Rope Bridge, No Ring?

    Keep trying different adjustments... you'll be surprised at how little changes can make a big difference. I have a hook in a beam in the garage, and I'll keep messing with them until it feels right just hanging, then I'll throw a line up in a tree maybe 25' up and try climbing around a little on...