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    First season watch. I like Billy Ray although I wouldn't want my son up there with me.
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    I go to that site and can't find the 60" bar. I searched by model number as well as trying to sort through their bars. I don't see any so not sure what I am doing wrong.
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    Size Quad Tow DHT Splitter Up Long Steep Hill

    I have a late 90's king quad 300 cc and there isn't a hill or amount of weight that it won't spin the tires or bring up the front end. I don't know if it would pull the trailer up your hill but it would NOT lack the power/torque to do so in the super low differential lock. Those four wheelers...
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    smoke in the house

    We have had smoke come in 3 times this year. Only when it is a strong East wind 20+ mph. We rarely get a strong East wind so I am waiting until warmer temps to check it out. I am running 2 woodburners so I will not run the one on the porch if we get anymore strong east winds.
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    Maintain your splitting wedges !

    Bumping an older thread. I can say I was never taught you could be seriously injured with the mushroom shrapnel. I grew up splitting all of our wood once I was old enough to swing the sledge. The wedges you posted as before photo's look brand new compared to the 2 or 3 I used. Sometimes it pays...
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    Want to buy Looking for 60" bar for 3120xp

    My 3120xp has 3/8" pitch Having trouble finding a 60" bar for this saw.
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    1960's tree spade carb questions

    Thanks for the info!
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    1960's tree spade carb questions

    Recently bought a 1960s 44" tree spade with a kohler motor. There is no writing or identification left on it. The spade starts but runs really rich. You have to pull on the throttle cable to keep it running and sometimes flames shoot out. My question is if anyone knows any solutions or what...
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    Compact or sub compact tractor?

    I bought a JD 3038 E 18 months ago. 0% interest. Got the FEL, tandem trailer, 8" post hole digger, and tiller for 27k. Payment is under 450/month. This tractor is awesome. I use it for everything besides mowing. I financed a Husq commercial 61" zt 0% interest and would never mow with a...