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    Video was converted from FB to youtube, don't know how it came out, picture quality is poor, but it was taken through a door and screen door, sorry but I think y'all git the gist. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"...
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    I know the OP is old, but that is not a bobcat. Here's one of ours, bout 35 or 40 pounds, biggest one I've had the opportunity to see around here. Got a video somewhere, this Osage orange tree is 5 foot across.
  3. Greenthorn

    MS261 mufflers non-existent?
  4. Greenthorn

    Is the shop lying to me and next steps?

    You had great replies, and this is your response? If you don't see how this is interpreted as rude and condescending, then I don't know what to tell ya, welcome to the site and good luck with your saw.
  5. Greenthorn

    Pine tree fell and stuck in another pine tree

    I would also advise, that if you feel uncomfortable with this tree, don't attempt it. There is a lot of pent up forces in that tree. I am a farmer hack, so I would attempt to pull the top over and away from the tree it is leaning on with a tractor.
  6. Greenthorn

    Wood ID help

    That bark appearance looks like 4 different trees that grow on my property. Basswood (it's not), Poplar (it's not), Ash and Hickory. I have never seen a maple with that type of bark here. I'd guess Hickory.
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    Tree ID....

    Well then, it is Silver Maple!
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    Tree ID....

    Sugar Maple?
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    Happy Birthday stihl sawing

    Yeah..... last 3 were for GSY....
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    Happy Birthday stihl sawing

    Famous dates of July.... Birth of Rick E********, unknown to man...Predates the Roman calendar...... 251 The Battle of Abrittus is won by the Goths against the Romans. Roman Emperors Decius and Herennius Etruscus are killed 649 Pope Martinus I elected to succeed Theodore I 1097 1st Crusaders...
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    Happy Birthday stihl sawing

    HBD @stihl sawing, day late and story of your life...WTF are you now 3,000 years old....? Hope it was a good one.....
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    My music........

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    Mystery tree

    Eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides)
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    What is this

    Siberian Elm
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    Sick or Normal?

    You're right, infested was a poor choice of words, there are two spots where woodpeckers have been working.
  16. Greenthorn

    Sick or Normal?

    Tree is infested with ants, the sapsucker holes are quite apparent. Does "appear" to be a maple, whether it is a hard maple or a box elder, we can't determine with these pics.
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    Maintain your splitting wedges !

    There was a terrible fatality around here 9 or 10 years ago. 7 year old child watching his father split wood, mushroomed flake flew off and entered the child's chest, child was dead before they could call 911, not that it would of mattered, autopsy showed a severed aorta. Maybe @hardpan or...
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    Maruyama MCV51 / PS5105 Carb Question
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    Media Cat Chain Letter

    @David Curtis I sent him a copy, pm him. It is not any big deal to mail it to London, I just used a cd case and media mail envelope.
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    Another homeowner fail

    Thank God he had his skull bucket on, or he coulda been kilt!;)