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    ebay chainsaw

    Dave- I think we have a new winner in the Aaavataar competition. I've been in mourning since Doug switched his, until now. :p
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    Bent Crank?

    Probably a bent or buggered drive tooth on your chain. Put a new chain on it and try it.
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    Best Narrow Kerf Chain

    Yes, it is a lot more expensive, but try the Stihl RS chain. .050 gauge should be 23 RS (link count). If you are stuck with Oregon, try the LG chain in .325. Yes, it is a 'safety' chain. But the safety bumpers are lower than the rakers and do not seem to impede cutting. The metal in the teeth...
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    026 Pro Hard to Start

    It could simply need to have the carb properly adjusted. Easy if yours has an adjustable carb. If it has a fixed high speed jet, buy a different carb or let Stihltech set it up for you (no one else can properly adjust those dam things). If it won't kick over easily, try a new plug (cheap and...
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    Ordered new 346XP last nite

    I have never greased a sprocket tip. I clean my saws thoroughly about 3X per week with the air nozzle on my compressor. When I clean out the bar groove, bar oil runs out of the sprocket tip. If you put heavy grease in there, it will only attract sand and grit. I have never had a tip fail in 15...
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    Using your feet

    Hey John- Took me a few minutes to find your rope in that picture. Funny how sometimes we just end up in some of the most awkward positions. Whatever it takes! Here's one from a couple months ago when I climbed the monster live oak with Mike Cross and Monkeypuzzle up in Tallahassee. :p
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    Line trimmers

    check out www.************ Those guys use weadeaters every day and could answer your lawn care related questions. Oh, Chainsaw! (keeping this on topic) :p
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    TonyM - 670

    The mufflers on the smaller Echos are easily modified using a drill and small file. The outer half is held on with small phillips screws so it comes apart easily. I would hope the larger Echos are designed similarly. Unless you do not own a drill and/or cannot use a screwdriver, there is not...
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    42" bow saw blades

    You reminded me of a thread Darin posted a while back announcing a couple new sponsors. Check it out http://www.arboristsite.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7274 and see if Sussex saw and tool might have what you are looking for.
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    ascending gear wish list

    Hey Big John, I tried out that friction hitch you have labeled as the BigJon knot. In the few minutes I played with it, it seemed like a standard 3-2 Distel released much easier. The BigJon knot seemed to have a lot of drag when ascending. I'm looking for a variation that works well with Blue...
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    US Postal Service

    The Solo 633 I got from Dennis arrived with a broken handle. I think part of the reason was that Dennis forgot to completely drain the bar lube and the box got rather soggy and soft. It was still disappointing to see that busted handle after waiting almost 2 weeks for the saw. :( The...
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    40", 157 ft tall black cottonwood

    You should consider a rope of at least 6000# breaking strength routed from the tractor up into the crown of the tree, through a solid crotch and down the backside of the trunk, tied around the trunk above your notch. This will give you substantially more leverage than a rope or chain simply...
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    Washingtonian palms

    The last Washies I did, I couldn't get my lifeline through the head with the throwline either. I ended up making a monkey's fist with my lifeline, climbing to the top of the ladder, leaned way out on my lanyard and threw my lifeline over the top of the head. Then I came back down and secured the...
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    Where is Gypo & D.B.

    They make such a cute couple, cuddled together like that. :p
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    Purchased some rigging stuff

    Hey Mike, They didn't tell you? I told them that you wanted it sent to my house, and they believed me! Thanks for the PW, buddy! :D
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    The Tree House Project

    I got a phone call from Mike Oxman this morning. He just completed an exciting project pruning the famous Tree House Redwood tree. The feat was sponsored by Stihl and New England ropes and included many great climbers including Mark Chisolm, Gerry Beranek, JPS and Roger Barnett. C'mon, guys...
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    GB Rim Sprockets

    Got milk? moo.
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    I got you all beat I think. I started drinking daily in '83 and went over 17 years nonstop. My last drunk lasted almost a year and a half. :eek:
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    GB Rim Sprockets

    Amazing how a simple offer to email some info must degrade into basic email usage- 101. Geez, anyone who has used a computer more than 2 days should know how to use email. :rolleyes:
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    ascending gear wish list

    The small pulley shown tends the hitch. You never touch the hitch when advancing. You simply pull the tail of your lifeline and the pulley advances the hitch. Lightly pulling down on the top of the hitch allows you to descend. Let go of the hitch and it grabs. Sergio uses the Petzl Fixe...