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  1. cat-face timber

    SOLD!!!! Poulan 3800 (very low hours)

    GLWS Kind Sir I have done business with Jon1212 before and he is as honest as they come!
  2. cat-face timber

    Solved Moderators Needed!!!

    I nominate Jon1212.
  3. cat-face timber

    Husky 288 Build Thread

    Amen, As these saws get older parts will become a premium item. They sure sound good as well :)
  4. cat-face timber

    Husky 288 Build Thread

    Anything Eccentric says is gospel to me, except for his love of the Husky 235, is it love or hate? Good Morning Sir!
  5. cat-face timber

    Brick and Mortar

    Does Baileys have a Brick and Mortar store? I am hoping to take the wife to see the Redwoods and would like to stop in. I have been a Baileys Customer for a long time.
  6. cat-face timber

    Want to Sell Used Stihl and Husqvarna saw parts

    Received the 2 parts saws, exactly as described. thanks again for the deal..
  7. cat-face timber

    Good Morning check in

    Good Morning Sawyers and Sawettes, Happy Sat am. Sausage is frying, coffee is hot and going to load some wood to take to my Mom's house tomorrow. Keep your Saw Gas dry, Saw safe~
  8. cat-face timber

    has no power ??????????????

    Agreed... you need a Either a Husky 3120XP or a Wildthing!
  9. cat-face timber

    has no power ??????????????

    Sir, You know that the Husky BAR is just too much for that steel saw, now if you put a 60" steel bar on it, then you would have a saw like all other steel users.. working on it while the men with REAL saws do the work.. WILDTHANGS~ AND "I have a potty mouth".
  10. cat-face timber

    Porting My First AT Saw

  11. cat-face timber

    Carb Cleaning Question

    So you bought a "rental" saw from Home Depot? Do all Home Depots sell their rental saws? hmmmmmm I may have to check, I have a Home Depot 60 miles South of me.
  12. cat-face timber

    Broken New River Firewood splitter

    Why will the company not help you out?
  13. cat-face timber

    Want to Sell Husqvarna Splined screwdriver adjuster tool.

    Still have any left? I am interested...
  14. cat-face timber

    Junior Logger?

    Here is my grandson.. He loves his Husky, it is nice and safe between mine :)
  15. cat-face timber

    Replacing axe handle

    That sucks man! Hope your hand feels better.. chicks dig scars!
  16. cat-face timber

    Good Morning check in

    WTF... Santa is real! My 4 year old Grandson told me so!
  17. cat-face timber

    Replacing axe handle

    Growing up, my Dad would always put the Maul Head or the Axe Head on the Ashley Stove for a week give or take and have me knock out the wood, after removing the washers that he always pounded into the wood to keep the heads on. With me chopping and splitting he had to replace lots of handles.
  18. cat-face timber

    Time for a little Christmas Giving

    Here is what I am offering. Free I will pay shipping. PM me with your address. Snuff can not included..
  19. cat-face timber

    Good Morning check in

    I would love to see a pic, what wood will you be splitting mostly? Here the worst wood to Split is Pinyon and Chinese Elm.