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  1. stillhunter

    Some WTF pics.....

  2. stillhunter

    What's Hittin' the Grill or Smoker?

    18 huge chicken wings on the weber smoking w bradley apple biscuits,the first time using them........ My neighbor came by to see what smelled so good..... I highly recommend these rubs for chicken and pork....
  3. stillhunter

    Some WTF pics.....

    4,5,1 in that order.
  4. stillhunter

    Poplar trees in my yard.

    On the ground, lots of thunder and carnage....
  5. stillhunter


    I was chopping line w a machete surveying and stabbed my forearm on a 10' tall sumac I had just cut, reaching out to cut one more of the "saplings" to get a sight on a property corner. We were working out of town in the foothills of N.C. We don't have any of PS were I live and I did not know...
  6. stillhunter

    Poplar trees in my yard.

    Just got a price for taking down all 4 They're all 100' +.Gonna rope and fell them down the hill in a bunch.They're also gonna put them on the ground if any get hung up.The guy says he knows a guy who will take the logs that can be sold for free so i'll have a lot less to cut up.There is room...
  7. stillhunter

    Poplar trees in my yard.

    I have tons of tall, 100'+ strait poplars in the back yard.No branches lower than 50'.A few are more than 4' dbh. I want them cut down and wonder if what their value might be for veneer? this tree is not one of the big trees
  8. stillhunter

    Some WTF pics.....

    The backyard... The front yard...
  9. stillhunter

    Some WTF pics.....

  10. stillhunter


    did the limb break or the bearing? i have a original Switchback and I'll never buy another bow.It is perfection to me.
  11. stillhunter


    pretty sure those "seeds" would be fine for a bird to eat..................now if they were planted and grew and were ingested or smoked they could make a bird or a grown man or an elephant take a nap w the right dose.I know that for a fact.
  12. stillhunter

    Bigfoot experience

    I think that shrink needs a shrink.
  13. stillhunter


    I like their songs, sounds similar to a bluebird.
  14. stillhunter


    Narcoleptic finch?It looks like an old bird.
  15. stillhunter

    grabber tool?

    I have a cheap 36" one w a pistol grip and I have to bend way over to pick up sticks while mowing on my rider.When mine breaks I'm gonna get one of these. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Grabber-Buddy-48-in-Reacher-Pick-Up-Tool-with-Ergonomic-Handle-GB48/311632649 I looked at one @ HD and it...
  16. stillhunter

    What you all having for Dinner

    Cheating was never this easy and tasted so good.....
  17. stillhunter

    Some WTF pics.....

  18. stillhunter

    Cucumbers an onions

    we keep a big bowl in the fridge. peel, slice in coins, slice onions (red or white) white vinegar,sugar,water, and dill weed. I will sometimes add them to a sandwich.
  19. stillhunter

    Some WTF pics.....

  20. stillhunter

    I guess I've been wearing my mask all wrong!

    I've been wearing these for years while I'm @ the beach and fishing on my boat, I've had 4 skin cancers on my face. I also wear them when mowing my grass and using the mower to clear the leaves of the yard in the fall. They work well for filtering dust,pollen etc and I can double over for more...