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  1. F-M tree

    Want to Sell 026/260 parts

    Trying to free up some garage space so I’m trying to offload my 026 stuff.. would like to sell all as a whole but can do individual... $650 takes the whole thing (whole chainsaws not included)... price is negotiable can ship from ND at cost. 13 carbs plus other pieces, 3 recoils, 16...
  2. natej3

    Stihl 026 chain loosening

    My 026 has a problem with chain loosening. Within minutes of cutting it is sagging, to the point that it fell off once. This sounds weird but I found a bolt (looks like maybe a 6mmx25mm or similar in size) hanging out of the bottom of the saw, in the gap on the clutch side. Also, that gap...
  3. M

    Troubleshooting Stihl 026 Won’t Run

    Hey guys, unfortunately I did not grow up in a mechanically inclined family so everything I’ve learned has been self-taught or researched online. My greatest accomplishment was rebuilding my push mower’s carb and getting it to run. I know, pretty lame. My father-in-law paid $25 for an 026 that...
  4. @

    New to me 026 Pro

    Good evening everybody! I've been creeping around this site for a while but this is my first post! I recently purchased a used Stihl 026 Pro. I didn't really need it, but I've been wanting a chainsaw for a while. I had a branch come down in my yard from a storm so that's how I justified the...
  5. J

    Potential headscratcher - Is there anything wrong with my Stihl 026?

    Hi all, I have an early model Stihl 026 (with the red master control switch) that is in decent shape for it's age. I'm not the original owner and bought it second hand. I recently replaced the air filter, carb, fuel line and impulse line with new Stihl OEM parts. The saw holds pressure and...
  6. NoDakFire

    Factory Idle Speeds

    I'm trying to make a cheat sheet or pocket card for the guys at work to use when tuning saws. I'm having trouble tracking down the suggested idle settings for a few models that we own. I know tuning to ear is a better practice, but I need a quantifiable range to use as a baseline for the ones...
  7. X

    Want to buy Stihl 20/260 variant or 036/360 varient

    Im looking for a Stihl saw in either a 026/260/261 and the like or a 036/360/361/362. Not picky on much, just looking for a clean saw at a good price. i would even go for a 044/440/441 if the price is right. Bar length is not a major detail to me either. Thank you!
  8. wash-climber

    Rebuilding 026, first time, advice?

    Hey all, I've torn down my 026, non pro. My plan is to do the crank seals, new piston, and hopefully clean up the oem cylinder. However, I need your help to know if my jug us redeemable. I'll attach some pictures. If it is redeemable, how do I clean it up? At what point should I replace...
  9. Armbru84

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 026 Red Lever

    Nice 026. Jug has a decomp but I plugged it. New OEM fuel line and filter. Also new throttle linkage. Put a nice OEM air filter cover and top cover on it. Overall pretty clean saw. Has some etching by the clutch as shown but it’s relatively clean. Compression is 165 ish. Saw has fixed H carb on...
  10. Esa13yo

    Stihl ms260/026 muffler mod

    I like my stihl ms260 a lot, but it just needs a bit more power to be the 346xp-killer ;) So here's what to do: :Remember to richen the fuel-air mixture! Have fun!:surprised3:
  11. Armbru84

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 026

    Have a nice Stihl 026 red lever for sale. Put new buffers on it, AM caps and an AM piston & rings as I had one on my shelf. Saw runs great, starts good and oils good. Can set it up for either .325 or 3/8 chain. Looking for $250 shipped east of the MS. Will split shipping west. PayPal F&F, PHO...
  12. J

    Want to buy Looking for 026 or 026 Pro

    I am looking to buy a clean 026 or 026 pro. Located in the Minneapolis metro. PM me or call 7six3-four42-9458
  13. P

    026 chain wheel

    Hi All, I got this Stihl 026, which I have a question for, that I hope some of you can answer. The photo shows the chain wheel, which have "a lot" of axial play. 3mm total, but when the wheel is in the showed position it is aligned with the chain. Is this normal ? If the wheel had +/- 1,5mm of...
  14. Car-guy2

    026 compression

    Picked up an 026 that wouldn't run unless you primed it. Checked the usual: fuel lines, carb., choke. Finally checked compression and it was 90 psi. Tore the saw down and ring gap was huge and piston skirt worn. I bought a meteor piston with caber rings. Polished the cylinder with scotch brite...