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  1. Wandering ami

    028 av super rubuild

    Pardon me if i ramble a bit. I'm a city guy just moved into an off the grid cabin tucked away in the app. mtns. Picked up my first chainsaw this year from a friend. A ms170. Pulled the carburator and replaced it and off I went. Well, my next door neighbor (well next valley over) is a little...
  2. huskyslinger

    Want to Sell Stihl 028 parts updated

    Putting this out there to see the interest in this series of saws? I will diffinately get pictures up if there is.
  3. Gerhard

    Right bar lenth for my new Stihl MS210 concidering the following

    Hello to all from Bulgaria. I'm new here. I am a mechanic by trade and have "retired" to Bulgaria 3 years ago at age 36 where I live off grid and do my own thing. If there is anything I can advise on, feel free to ask. Over that time I had accumulated a few saws. I have a 028 avs wood boss...
  4. T

    028 av the copper looks like a ground wire.

    Where does the da... rn thing go? Seriously. Seriously asking this question right now.
  5. T

    Stihl 028 w/SEM coil

    Sorry if this has been covered already. I have a 028 with the SEM coil and I believe the coil is bad. I ordered the 000-400-1300 which should work from what I've read on here. Do I need to turn the flywheel to the Bosch keyway or leave it on SEM?
  6. N

    Want to buy Searching for 028 AV Brake band or full brake assembly.

    Hello, I need at least a brake band or a whole brake set with clutch for an 028AV stihl saw. Paypal ready, must ship to Canada. Thanks!
  7. Aaron Meyer

    Mystery Screw Stihl Wood Boss 028 AV

    I've been searching the forum all morning and found a huge amount of really useful information, but so far no answer to the question I came here looking for. Maybe someone can end my agony, haha. I was recently gifted a Stihl Wood Boss 028 AV that was leaking bar oil. So I tore it down and...
  8. Armbru84

    SOLD!!!! 028 project

    Have had this saw for awhile and have a lot of time into it but can’t seem to get it to run right. Have put new seals in it, meteor piston, carb kit, buffers, new chain tensioner, intake manifold, and some other smalls. Have a spare cylinder also and piston that I was told was oem but not sure...
  9. Benny Boy

    Supposed to be Stihl 038 Super Need help to identify

    I bought this used Stihl chainsaw. It has no tag so I am trying to identify it to buy some parts. I know the serial number doesn't do a lot of good (217301006) I emailed Stihl to see if they have a record of it. From the pics can you guys tell what make this is? Guy told me it was a 038 super...
  10. thefarmboy21

    028 AV Woodboss: Runs terrible, blows gas into the air filter???

    A while back, a guy I go to church with gave me an 028 AV Woodboss EQ. He thought it was blown up for whatever reason. It was free and came with a STIHL hard case, so I didn't care. Turns out the plate under the carb diaphragm was completely full of sawdust. It came out like a biscuit. The...
  11. thefarmboy21

    STIHL 028 Wood Boss AV EQ.....sitting for years, what do I do first???

    The other day I saw my neighbor at church and long story, short....he dropped off a STIHL 028 Wood Boss AV with the "electronic quickstop" He claimed that his dad had it for years and then passed it on to him, he ran the guts out of it until it started "loosing power once it got hot." He also...
  12. Jake Field

    Want to Sell Stihl 028

    Bought it in a lot of junk Old school one (all metal) runs, but has trouble idling (see video) I don't own a compression tester and haven't cut any wood with it, but it feels like it has compression when pull starting (pretty difficult). Just a regular 028 (non-super or wood-boss). It oils but...
  13. W

    Stihl 028 Sealant, gasket, or both

    Hello to all chainsaw fixers. I am working on a Stihl 028av with 44mm piston When I disassembled it I found gaskets in there. So for that reason, I ordered some OEM replacements. I have read some threads in here about not using gaskets for reassembly, but instead just using the Dirko HT or...
  14. thefarmboy21

    STIHL 028 cylinder interchangeability...038???

    I've got a STIHL 028 AV SUPER Wood Boss with electronic quick stop, that has a bad piston and cylinder. Apparently the 028 is one of the few STIHL models that haven't been duplicated by the Chinese, so a replacement P&C would run me upwards of about $90. I was about to trade it off or part it...
  15. amarlow

    028 AV Super WoodBoss eq - oiler problem, service manual??

    Hello folks, This is my first post, and it turns out it's a long one. I've been a member here for a while, but just lurking, reading, learning. Now I find I am in need of help... and HOPEFULLY a couple of service manuals. I was looking for the infamous "beg for manuals" thread with the...
  16. logeeland

    Stihl 028 Carb Replacement Question or does someone have a good working carb to sell?

    So I have a bad carb. After a month of fiddling with it. Checking vacuum and pressure top and bottom, tank vent replacement, tried a new coil, rebuilt the carb, took the old car apart again and ran it through the ultrasonic cleaner 4 more times I gave in and brought it to my local shop. There is...
  17. Mark71GTX

    Want to buy Stihl 028 WB or similar parts saw

    I recently acquired an 028WB in a box. The saw is in overall decent shape, but it is completely apart and there are no screws, no buffers or buffer plugs, no wrap handle, and no carburetor. I am looking for the rattiest 028 parts saw you have. The one with little to no usable parts or with the...
  18. Curt Schoonmaker

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 028 air filter covers. Not too faded please. 2

    If you have two or more that aren't too faded, I can use them. I don't know why they fade differently than the top covers.
  19. M

    Want to Sell stihl 028 av super parts saw

    So I got this saw for what I thought was a great deal was told it had Carb problems. Well I learned never trust what anyone says. Did a little Carb work noticed it needed a diaphragm kit but cleaned everything up and ran it for a day anyways it didn't run properly. Had it tested was told it had...
  20. Primus

    Want to buy Wanted: Stihl 028 Super Parts

    Hey Everyone. I just recently snagged a NOS case/crank/bearings for a Stihl 028 Super and was lucky to also find a NOS clutch cover too. I was wondering if anyone has any extra parts for this thing. New Old Stock is preferred (especially for the pull-start assembly and orange shrouds), but...