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  1. Tswarner67

    Want to buy Stihl 038av VS 036 Pro or new??

    Alright guys I’m new here but already tell a lot of you have a saw addiction and I am quickly catching that bug. I heat my house And barn with a wood burner So I split and cut a ton year round. I want to get MY first saw, I’ve been using grandpas old mcculloch for years and am ready to by my...
  2. magicmanar98

    Want to buy Will Pay $$$ NOS 038 Mag Case

    Looking for an unused OEM Stihl 038 Magnum Crankcase. This one has been quite elusive. Thanks All.
  3. magicmanar98

    Stihl 038 7 digit serial number

    Just picked up an old 38 Av. Was trying to see what my dealer could come up with by checking s/n but it’s only 7 digits. The only thing I’ve found searching is that it’s pre 1980. I’m hoping there are some folks here that have run into one of these 038’s and have some specs on this saw. There...
  4. ballisticdoughnut

    Want to buy 038 full wrap handle

    looking for a nice full wrap handle for a Stihl 038. If you’ve got the mounting hardware to go with it great, if not no big deal. Thanks.
  5. Bedford T

    Big Blue MS380 Clone

    Holzfforma G388 Blue Thunder, will cut with it soon. seems to not have some of the quirks the kit had like the cowl side screw behind the handle.
  6. P

    Stihl ms038 mag bar lengths?

    Hello all! New to the forum. Just picked up an Stihl 038AV mag (1985 I believe?) Was wondering what size bar folks run with it? I've got sizes from 18-28. Thanks in advance! *Update: realize now, is not ms038. Is 038AV Mag
  7. L34


    Hi gents, Found a good .325 bar in dad's shed.Was going to try it on my 038 or 044 as I have never used a 325 chain before. But i can only get a 9 pin standard (7/8"ID) locally. Is this 9 pin an over kill for the job or will it drive ok? Thanks in advance,Chris.
  8. Benny Boy

    Supposed to be Stihl 038 Super Need help to identify

    I bought this used Stihl chainsaw. It has no tag so I am trying to identify it to buy some parts. I know the serial number doesn't do a lot of good (217301006) I emailed Stihl to see if they have a record of it. From the pics can you guys tell what make this is? Guy told me it was a 038 super...
  9. huskyslinger

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 038 Super (price reduced)

    Up forsale is what you see in pics. Saw starts and runs good. Oils fine. Factory dual port muffler. Bar and chain are new. Will sell as PHO or with B&C. $435.00 with bar $350.00 without. Will be nice and ship for free to lower 48.
  10. Spydrdrvr

    Stihl 038 Magnum II overhaul

    I purchased a Stihl 038 Magnum II from and auction along with a Stihl trimmer for $50. I needed a good chainsaw to take down about 4 decent sized trees and do some limbing on some others. I knew that I would be overhauling any used chainsaw I purchased anyways and since I know my dad always...
  11. Bedford T

    Huztl FarmerTec MS380, MS381, 038 Build Kit Start to Finish

    Hot dignity dog they got the 038 ready to go. And its a little cheaper than the 440. I was completing an order for some MS660 parts to complete a saw for an engine I just built and this slapped me in my face, guess that will wait a while. Got one. $248.89...
  12. thefarmboy21

    STIHL 028 cylinder interchangeability...038???

    I've got a STIHL 028 AV SUPER Wood Boss with electronic quick stop, that has a bad piston and cylinder. Apparently the 028 is one of the few STIHL models that haven't been duplicated by the Chinese, so a replacement P&C would run me upwards of about $90. I was about to trade it off or part it...
  13. roelex14

    038av Mag getting very hot

    I recently aquired a 038av mag. I was putting it through its paces on some soft cotton wood today. After about 3 or 4 passes through a 18 inch log, the saw started getting very hot and blowing a little white smoke. Virtually brand new bar and chain and is throwing plenty of oil off the bar...
  14. logeeland

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 038 Magnum 2 (II)For Sale or Trade

    I am selling a Stihl 038 Magnum 2 (II)chainsaw. The 038 Mag 2 is a 72cc saw. It became the 044. The saw is in great shape and runs great also. $375 without the bar and chain. It will handle an 18" to 28" bar with ease. The saw has great compression. I am selling to invest in a lighter saw...
  15. J

    stihl 038avs farmboss to magnum cylinder ??'s

    I have a stihl 038 farmboss I'm converting to a magnum. I have some questions about porting the cylinder. Any specific specs to go by on the exhaust/intake ports? I don't wanna go to much. I'm new to the site and ive been reading alot in here and I got the base of the cylinder figured out as far...