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  1. U

    McCulloch 10-10 opinion

    Greetings all! First post to this site. Wonderful site. Thanks for all the info. My question is regarding a “10-10” that I am looking at. Seller is asking $95. The picture is not so good. Just looking for opinions and if anyone can tell me more about the saw. For example, can you tell...
  2. Aaron Rybicki

    Why do you choose McCulloch?

    What draws people to McCulloch saws? I've ran Homelite, Poulan, Stihl, Lombard (Knock Off), etc, and so on, but nothing matches the experience that McCulloch gives. For me, especially, it's the 10-10 series. With the double louvered muffler.... It is louder than all hell. I love it. I can...
  3. Aaron Rybicki

    Want to buy Bigger CC McCulloch Saws

    Looking to get my hands on any of the following saws if anyone has one to sell. Doesn't have to be pretty, just mechanically sound. - Super Pro 81 - 7-10A - Pro Mac 850 - SP125 Thanks, Aaron
  4. Josh N

    Old Mcculloch's

    Hey guys, new here. I'm looking at a pair of saws for $100. Mcculloch mac 6 and Pro Mac 55. Say they need work but start. Good deal or not? Going to be bucking up firewood and farm/land clearing. Been looking for an old mcculloch. Currently have a power mac 310 PIA to fix. Am I asking for the...
  5. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! Mac 10-10

    I would like to get rid of this clean Mac 10-10. It does run but had no low end while cutting, if you look in through the i take side it shows scoring on the exhaust side. I just want to be rid of it. I was hoping to get $60 plus shipping, there are still a lot of good parts there including the...
  6. A

    McCulloch muffler reed valve - what does it do?

    I inherited a Pro Mac 700 from a friend - first attempt at chainsaw rebuild (regretting this endeavor at the moment;). I noticed that a significant portion of the muffler reed valve was cracked off (part# 71 in diagram below). Can someone tell me a.) what function this serves and b.) if I need...
  7. M

    ahhhhhh what is it?

    Hey guys no one like mccullochs around here? Post about my stihl get a hundred replies post about my 10-10 and I sit here lonely =[=[=[=[=[ do you guys really just hate these saws that much????
  8. M

    Mac 10-10 automatic no power

    so I got this mcculloch 10-10 after cleaning it some it seemed to be running great. so figured it was time to put it in a log and see how it cuts. well it bogs down a quite a bit. it seems like it's not even grabbing the wood but will very slowly make it through a cut it never stalls out it...