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  1. quattro90

    SOLD!!!! 288xp Lite +Bonus Items

    FS a very very very nice condition 288xp Lite that comes with an OEM Hi-Top and K&N filter with OEM elbow. The saw is all OEM with a new OEM piston & cylinder with mild porting. Basically removed all the casting flash to smooth out the transfers. The numbers from the factory were basically...
  2. MAngelotti1

    288 or 372

    So I own 2 288’s among a few other 2 series , a 97’ I bought new and a 90’ Ks non decomp I revived. I recently bought an “OE” 2008 372xp. My question is... Do I keep the 90’ or the 372? I don’t “NEED” nor will I use to they’re deserved potential all these gems. The 372 as I said is recent and is...
  3. P

    288XP Blew Up - Help!

    Hey guys, I'm new to this. My brother - certified arborist, had a 288XP sitting around for too long (wanting to upgrade to a 395) and gave it to me to help clear a lot for a new shop I'm building. I had the thing running for about 20 minutes and it blew up. It needs alot of work. I imagine I'm...
  4. Bob Hedgecutter

    288 XP...... let the adventures begin.

    So, as a rule- I was always a Jonsered fan from back in the 80's when I was first introduced to the red saws and bought my first one. Had handled Husqvarna saws, but liked the more square front handle alignment of the Jonsered better, so never saw the need to go down the orange track. All of my...

    281xp with 288xp Cylinder Compression Problem

    Hello Everyone, I would appreciate some help trying to get this problem solved. I have an old 281xp that has been sitting around for over 20 years that I decided to get running again. After giving it a few shots of fuel down the carb it fired up after 2 pulls. The original jug and piston was...
  6. Armbru84

    SOLD!!!! Husky 288

    Selling a husky 288. Saw has a meteor piston and a new OEM carb on it. AM clutch cover with oem brake flag. Overall in pretty good shape minus the faded top cover...screw holes are all good and saw fires right up and oils good. Has a non decomp KS cylinder on it. It’s ready to work...I was...
  7. Woody Longbranch

    Brett Carter Performace Saws Hodgenville Kentucky

    288xp by Carter Performance Wow! Wheres the big wood now
  8. Jacob J.

    Want to buy Husqvarna 181/281/288 high-top cover

    Hi Guys- This is a long shot but I'm after a high-top cover for 288. A local Arborist buddy wants me to build him a high-top saw for falling. I have cash or tons to trade. Thanks!
  9. M

    Husquavarna 288XP porting

    I’m sure this has been discussed, but I’m new and can’t find answers and would like some help. Does anyone know of any reputable businesses that will port an older saw? It’s time to rebuild my 288XP, so I’d like to have it ported also. Not interested in buying a new saw. Any suggestions? Thanks...
  10. WoodsliverDan

    288xp milling

    I have a 288xp I would like to use for milling. My current dilemma is rather I should just use 36" bar with it, which won't max out my 36" Alaskan. Or if the saw would be able to run a 42" bar which would allow me to use the full 36" of mill. I am worried I will be asking too much of the saw.. I...
  11. Bedford T

    Want to buy Huztl wants to buy a Husky 288xp

    Huztl is looking for a 288xp to study. They want it to be new or almost new. What they need is for you contact them with all the details. Address the message to the Manager. Use the message system on their website to make the initial contact. They ask me about this when they were wanting to take...
  12. wash-climber

    Want to buy Looking for a "big" saw. 80cc+

    Hey guys and gals, I'm looking for a bigger saw for falling larger trees, bucking, and milling. 80cc and up, or something 70cc+ that's modded Stihl, Husky, or McColluch would be preferred. I'm happy with older saws, so long as they are in good condition! My budget is $500, bar included would...
  13. C

    HELP!!!! Rope piston stop stuck!

    So I got the frayed end of the rope stuck between the piston and cylinder on the exhaust port. Tried pulling cylinder still stuck 288xp saw.
  14. C

    Craigslist find 288xp mostly!

    Hey I just found out I was a member here at some point.lol anyways. I picked up this 288xp for 175.00 and it runs. Cuts like crap but the bar and chain is shot. And is missing most all the safety items, like chain brake, chain catcher, working kill switch. Haven't checked compression. I did find...
  15. brian99574

    SOLD!!!! 288 XP UGLY but complete

    I got a 288. It's complete with the muffler but I lost the muffler bolts. Cylinder and piston have scratches. It does turn over. It's ugly as can be but I believe it would make a great project for someone. $100 plus shipping from 99574 gets it.
  16. A

    SOLD!!!! 288 clean out

    i have the following 288 stuff for sale or trade. I would prefer to sell it one lot or trade for 372 xp builders 1 NOS high top cover 1 used high top cover 2 NOS carb elbows 2 used carb elbows 2 new HD air filters 1 nice used HD air filter 1 flywheel with pawls 1 new ignition set 1 complete...
  17. huskyslinger

    SOLD!!!! 288xp will part out too!

    Would like to sell this 288xp has new ring, plug, gaskets, bearing, carb kit, fuel line, and handle. Would like to get $285.00 OBO plus half of shipping
  18. huskyslinger

    SOLD!!!! 288xp 1/2wrap

    Would like to sell this 288xp. Has new piston ring, bearings, seals, gaskets, and plug. Would like $325.00 OBO plus half of shipping
  19. huskyslinger

    SOLD!!!! 288xp full wrap

    Up forsale is a 288xp new meteor p&c, new bearings, gaskets, seals, af clutch cover, AF starter, new air filter, and plug. Would like $350.00 OBO plus half of shipping.
  20. V

    Want to buy Husqvarna 288xp and 262xp cylinders NEEDED

    I am in need of cylinders for a Husky 288xp (54mm) and a 262xp (48mm) Looking for Oem with or without decompression. It just needs to be in usable condition Thanks!