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  1. S

    Want to Sell NOS 2008 372XP Sold Pending Funds

    New in the box w/20" .050 bar and chain and tool pack. Stored in climate controlled area since new buying back in 2009. $1050 PayPal plus shipping to your location. $1k plus shipping otherwise. NW Ohio pickup. Has been several years since posting on here so limited posts on this newer forum...
  2. J

    Bought a secondhand 372XPG

    I just closed a deal for €110 for a second hand husqvarna 372XPG. Is it easy to work on? It looks like it's been neglected for the past few years, probably needs some attention. I know how to do th basic things to a saw, carb, spark plug, cleaning muffler etc... Any tips? Thanks in advance, Jan
  3. MAngelotti1

    288 or 372

    So I own 2 288’s among a few other 2 series , a 97’ I bought new and a 90’ Ks non decomp I revived. I recently bought an “OE” 2008 372xp. My question is... Do I keep the 90’ or the 372? I don’t “NEED” nor will I use to they’re deserved potential all these gems. The 372 as I said is recent and is...
  4. jrwied

    Here’s a thought. 372 or anything else you don’t mind drilling holes in.

    Maybe keep engine cooler n combusting better. I know most cutters live in a cooler climate. But in a hot environment? How can extra cooling be a bad thing. Especially on a completely closed air box, with an engine I expect to perform n create heat. I might go a bit bigger hole n line the...
  5. jrwied

    Chainsaw won’t recoil Please HELP.

    It’s a 372 clone build. It recoiled when I first built then the rope broke. Replaced that and the spring was chinsy so I replaced. Now the dang thing won’t retract. It retracts off the saw just not installed against flywheel. Any suggestions or advice is welcome. At my wits end with this...
  6. huskyslinger

    SOLD!!!! 372xp

    New crank bearings, gaskets, seals, oem piston, rings. Runs and oils as it should. It does have some blemishes but should be a good runner. Would like $375.00 shipped to you.
  7. Tomarch

    Disappointed with my 372xp...

    So I recently came across a 372xp and I've been very excited about getting it running. I got rid of my faithful 441 and I always compare the two saws. The 372 seems like it has a better stronger engine (I see it compared to the 462 more). But besides the engine, the 441 seems way better...
  8. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! 372XP Non-XT Sold Pending Payment

    I have this 372XP I am trying to help my buddy sale, It has seen quite a bit of use and it is no shelf queen by any means, but I does look pretty good considering. He cleaned the saw up and when it was apart removed the skirt obstructing the transfers as well as widened the exhaust outlet, he...
  9. G

    372xp replacement bar and chain

    Need to replace bar and chain. Currently have stock 20’’ / .058 / 3/8. Sprocket- power mate 3/8-7 Question- can I change to 20”/ .050/ 3/8 bar? I want to get a higher performance bar, but they seem to be harder to find in the .058. Same with chains. Thanks! kinda new to the game learning fast...
  10. August76

    I think I'm buying 373xp tonight..good Lord help me

    So a local guy has the 372 for sale he had a 395 he sold last week. We were talking chainsaw Mills. So he hits me up today and says I have a 372 for sale. Some of you that know me... know I don't like (avoided) Husqvarna because my old man ran them but I think for $300 I might just have to get...
  11. WoodsliverDan

    SOLD!!!! 372xp

    2000 model year 372xp oe. I went through this saw top to bottom. 100% OEM saw. New rings while I had apart. Bearings are good. Full wrap and big dogs. New air filter, spark plug, top filter cover, bar studs, rim sprocket. Carb rebuilt with Walbro kit. Muffler modded the original exit hole...
  12. quattro90

    SOLD!!!! Husqvarna 372XP XT

    Updated: 2014 Husqvarna 372XP XT. Starts and runs missing choke lever. Missing a few screws (1x on top cover & 1x on muffler bracket). Compression is ~140psi cold, the piston is worn, but isn't scored. This saw will make someone a great work saw or backup saw with a bit of minor maintenance. New...
  13. quattro90

    SOLD!!!! Husqvarna 372XP(W) OE

    Husqvarna 372XP OE converted to XPW (75cc) using brand new OEM Mahle P/C. Gasket delete and front ported muffler with full wrap bars and west coast spikes SEM unlimited (black) coil. $575 shipped in the ConUS unless in PST (contact me directly for exact shipping quote. PM if you have any questions.
  14. Dardy jake

    Looking to buy a saw in 3-6 months, suggestions?

    I currently cut all my wood with a husqvarna 450, I’m looking to get something bigger, that can be used for everything from firewood, to falling and I’ve even given a sawmill setup some thought for the future, I was thinking about maybe a 372xp because I’ve only heard good about them but not...
  15. JakeG

    Want to Sell Wicked Work Saw Husqvarna 372xp w/Sugihara Bar - 750

    Selling my Wicked Work Saw Husqvarna 372xp PHO. I purchased this saw brand new 3 years ago from Terry Landrum @ Wicked Work Saws in TN I believe for about $1000. This saw has been used very lightly. More specifically, a few weeks in the summer and the winters of 2013 & 2014. I ran a tank and a...
  16. Johnnybar

    Huztl MS440 and Husky 372 kit saw weight vs OEM?

    I am curious if the Huztl kits weight the same as OEM. True weights reported on the forum for OEM are: 440=13.6 lb 372=14.1 lb. Has anyone weighed a dry Huztl powerhead on a good scale?
  17. jd548esco72

    372XP/X-torq question

    can a X-torq cylinder and jug be fitted to a standard 372XP bottom end?
  18. ken morgan

    Bow Bars, and a guy that refurbs them

    So basically you all suck....... I went from a low cost poulan to 2 x 372XP's and a 346XP.......and it gets worse. So several members were advertising bow saws, I remember them as a youngster and was like well shoot thats what I need for my back now days. (that's the same excuse I used with...
  19. ktm1217

    Want to Sell Husqvarna 372 XP

    Saw is a 2012 model. Starts, runs, oils, etc. Brake works. Some scratches and scuffs but overall a nice, clean saw. All OEM. Compression shows up just shy of 150psi on my gauge. Has a 3/8 7pin coin sprocket on it. Any questions, just ask! Local pickup, or I'll ship it anywhere in the lower 48 of...
  20. R

    Want to Sell New Husqvarna 372xp $750

    Brand new Husqvarna 372xp xtorq with 24 inch bar and chain. I bought 2 and need to sell one. I have put gas in it and started it only. Never cut anything with it. I will post pics later. Need to get $750 for it plus the shipping cost. Or if you live in the Detroit area you can come pick it up.