1. Chelford Chainsaw Company

    Want to Sell 2 Huskys for sale. 440E 450E

    Got a pair of husky’s for sale. Both clean and running well. Husqvarna 440E used 16” bar, new chain Husqvarna 450E brand new 20” Sugihara bar and new chain
  2. J

    Want to buy Homelite 450 decal

    Would like to buy the main round decal for a homelite 450 that goes on the starter cover. Message if you have one
  3. derrek_j

    echo 450p build MM and port

    Hello all, Long story short, I bought an Echo 450p and am using it to try my hand at modding a saw. This may be a little drawn out as I'm going to work on it as time allows. Initial plans are to record a baseline, muffler mod, base gasket delete, possibly cutting cylinder down, port and...
  4. derrek_j

    got a deal today. echo Mods?

    well went into thiesens today to pick up a couple of things, and over in the clearance Isle is an orange saw. pick it up and it's an echo cs-450P with a 50% off sticker on it. air filter doesn't have any dust in it, has a few shavings here and there and had a 3/4 tank of gas. almost started it...
  5. skunkinablunt

    Pioneer Partner 450

    i recently acquired a pioneer partner 450, in flawless running condition. i cannot find it anywhere online, and from what i have found... it is a very rare saw. can anyone tell me what its worth? also what year is this saw exactly. i know they were only made from 1964-1968. but what year is...
  6. jeff88

    building a 445 husky

    Hey guys quick question I'm trying to gain more power out of my husqvarna 445 it is a 2008 model factory jug and piston is a 42mm I was thing about putting a jug and piston for a 450 on it wich is 44mm any thought or suggestions on this.