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  1. S

    Looking for Slivers (Wood Chipper)

    Good morning folks, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. I have a project coming up in the next 6 months that I need some wood slivers for. I’ll have a 12” bandit 250xp PTO chipper on a 140 hp Kubota, but as you know . . . our chippers are good at making chips . . . not slivers...
  2. J

    Bandit 12XPC clutch

    I recently bought a 2018 Bandit 12XP, 100+ hours on it. Two days later upon shutting down it started to squeal. It sounded like the belt slipping. Long story short the chipper drum isn't free spinning, engine pulley won't spin freely even with clutch disengaged. The clutch was never adjusted...
  3. skinnee440

    Want to Sell Homelite 33cc, $150 pair

    2 Homelite 33cc saws. One is a Bandit, other ZR. ZR runs, Bandit doesn't. What you see in pics is what you get. I used to use the ZR for limbing and pruning. Don't need as I have other better equipment now. The other saw turns over, believe needs a rebuild, didn't really look at too close...
  4. Benjamin Absher

    Want to buy Truck and Chipper

    It's time I make the leap. I am looking for a dump truck and chipper of reasonable price and working condition. Bucket/chip combos are a possibility. If you have equipment to sell, send me the information with pictures and we can go from there. Thank you in advance for your responses!
  5. L

    bandit 90 disc bearings

    need to replace the disc bearings on 90 xp only one side is bad , its the side near the anvil any tips would be very helpful it almost looks like there is a retaining ring around bearing several small holes but did not seem like there was any allen head inside of it . looked online did not see...
  6. B

    Homelite Ranger 33cc AIR LEAK?

    I couldn't help myself when I saw a 2 stroke destined for the landfill, so I snatched it up and took it to the bench. Its a Homelite 33cc Ranger Model UT10947D. After checking things over I fired it up (3 or 4 pulls) and it seemed to run normal for the first couple minutes, I didn't have any...
  7. Nick585

    Hyroller 1200 versus Bandit 90xp

    I am looking at two chippers right now. Hyroller 1200 for $6000 or 2000 Bandit 90 with 1400 hours for $7500. Both disc. Neither have auto feed or hydraulic down pressure. The Hyroller is a rebuild and the Bandit has been owned by a small tree company for 5 years and has been their backup...
  8. L

    wisconcin 65 shutting down

    have a bandit 90xp with the v465d was running run then shut down it will start then shut down after the key is released , but will run if the key is left in the start position , was going to try a new switch any thoughts or help ? thanks for any info
  9. C

    Want to Sell 2004 GMC 7500 60' Altec

    Altec 60' Boom bucket truck 6 speed manual trans Forestry chip box dump body 2 outriggers Many updated parts - ready to work Former Asphlund Truck Hydraulic Brakes Bucket plumbed for hydraulic saws 8.1L gas engine Kubota diesel pony motor Pintle hitch Passed inspection 3 weeks ago 7k worth of...
  10. L

    repower a bandit 65

    need to change the motor , anyone knows what will bolt in place of a Honda 20hp with some extra power thanks
  11. L

    bandit chipper

    looking at bandit 65 not sure of year but have serial number , the feed tray looks smaller compared to newer bandit 65's the feed springs are different more like a 45 degrees then the new straight vertical springs like the newer ones , the newer bandit 65 with wider tires look much bigger...
  12. L

    Morbark chipper ?

    Looking for any information on a 20/70 morbark chipper gas 35hp Especially weight since towing on a smaller truck Any issues Thank you for any information
  13. B

    Want to Sell 2005 Bandit Model 280 w/4400 Hrs For Sale $19,500 (Starts and runs great)

    I have a 2005 Bandit Model 280 for sale in Colorado. This chipper does have 4400 hrs but is a tier 3 CAT 135 HP motor and starts and runs great. The hrs are appx. as I still use it somewhat frequently. But we have a grapple truck on the way and do not need 2 large chippers. Keep the air filters...
  14. O

    Bandit 250 chipper

    Hey guys, i was running my chipper and it ran out of diesel and shut off on me, how do i bleed the air from it?
  15. mountainman1888

    Business expansion... what shoud I buy, do I really need it?

    Hey gents, thought I would see what you guys think. I have been in tree work for a few years now, running mostly on my own. I'm not a hack, don't worry, insured, licensed etc. I do mainly stump removal, but do about 15 tree removals and 15 trim jobs a year. I enjoy all aspects of what I do...
  16. Mike Crough

    Wanted: Bandit 1990XP Chipper

    Wanted: Bandit 1990xp chipper, low hours, 250HP minimum
  17. Mike Crough

    Bandit 1990xp feedback request

    Could anyone please give me some performance/durability feedback on a Bandit 1990xp chipper? I am looking at purchasing a low hour machine or possibly new(may get a mini platform built). Winch is a necessity, mini is a maybe. Open to feedback on engine type and recommended horsepower. Thanks.
  18. T

    Want to Sell For Sale: 2014 Bandit 65XP -10 hrs- Deal of the Decade

    Retiring from the tree biz so im selling my 2o14 Bandit 65XP with only 10 hours. thats right, 10 hours. My loss is your gain. Bought straight from the dealer and used on 2 jobs. Chipper chips excellent dimensional, landscape quality chips. 27hp Kohler gas engine, auto feed, l.e.d. lights...