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  1. Allar

    Felling, Limbing and Bucking a Spruce.

    Felling, Limbing and Bucking a Spruce for Firewood. My second video, so don't be harsh on me :( Hope you enjoy!:chainsaw:
  2. Allar

    Husqvarna 545 Autotune in action - Buckin' Firewood

    Hello friends. Decided to share my first video with you guys, never made a video with action cam before :) I know i have alot to learn regarding video making and recording. About the Husqvarna 545- Wow, what an amazing chainsaw, honestly i really bealive that 50cc is all you need for firewood...
  3. Kensie1988

    Want to Sell Misc. Bucking spikes and Handlebars

    My buddy is selling thes Misc Handle bars and bucking spikes, if you see something you are interested in shoot me a PM and I will get you more info.
  4. P

    Wedge Renewal

    This has been mentioned in a few threads on wedges - here are some 'Before' and 'After' photos (hope you can tell which are which!). Plastic bucking / felling wedges are 'consumables', and in a sense sacrificial, but no need to waste them if they can be brought back to serviceable life. This...