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carb rebuild

  1. Daniel Duffy

    Chainsaw that dies when throttle applied - impulse line?

    Hi all. I'm so glad I've found this forum. Been fighting a problem with my saw for months and have been too stubborn to pay a shop to fix it when I know the answer's out there and I enjoy hands-on work. Here's the situation. Have an Echo CS-400 saw that I've used only a couple of hours a...
  2. K

    Stihl 015L Carb Tuning Help???

    I've been working on an older Stihl 015L top handle saw. It started developing a ping sounds and would stall out after running 30'sh seconds... turned out to be a worn crank bearing (possibly run too lean or vacuum issue?) that resulted in the crank slightly shifting, making the rod rub against...
  3. joeblacky

    044 carb swap

    hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone knows whether an 046 carb will fit an 044? And if there was a non compensating version of the 046 carb made? I'm building a ported fairly highly modded 044 and I'm worried about running lean, it'll be setup on the air filter side with a custom bell mouth and...
  4. fhafer

    Fuel Soaked Air Filter

    I have a small, one cylinder, two stroke engine on a Mantis tiller. The air filter gets fuel soaked after 30 minutes of use. It runs normally with a new air filter or when the air filter is removed. The tiller starts to bog down as the air filters starts to gat fuel soaked. It has fuel...