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  1. C

    Carb primer bulb air lock/pressure building

    Hi, I've just tried to give my Husqvarna carb a spruce up, but when I try and prime the saw there is pressure building in the 3 fuel pipes, and no fuel circulating. Also have huge pressure in the tank too. Any ideas?
  2. C

    Husqvarna 235 Primer Air Lock/Not Starting

    Hi, I have a Husqvarna 235 X-Torq that bogged down completely when under load, tried to do a carb rebuild (most probably badly), and now it wont even try to start. Also seems to really be an issue with the priming system as when I prime it, pressure builds up in the fuel pipes and in the fuel...
  3. M

    MS461 carb adjustment: RPM too high on full throtle

    I’m trying to adjust the carburetor on my MS461 and I have 2 problems: 1- I cannot lower the RPM on full throttle below 13800. 2- when the saw is idling (2800-2900rpm), the chain run a little bit (it moves a inch every 1-2 seconds). Is that normal? Thanks
  4. N

    Tuning a new husky help!

    Hey fellas, I opened up my new 445e muffler a little bit (drilled Two 1/4 inch holes and removed spark arrestor) I have the tool to adjust the carb. I believe I have it four stroking and it cleans up well in the cut. After a few hard hours the plug looks pretty lean, if I back the H screw out...
  5. D

    Stihl MS211 Bog

    Hi, as you may have seen on other threads I've posted today, I've bought a MS211 as a non starter for next to nothing. Managed to win the first battle and got life into it after some tinkering. Next issue is the ungodly bogging I'm getting. Anything over 10% throttle and it sounds horrible...
  6. D

    MS211 Fuel Issue

    Hi, I've got a stihl MS21, hasn't started from the day I've owned it. Tried pulling it and an ungodly amount of fuel has pi***d everywhere, the exhaust is full, it's coming out of the carb and dripping down the handle. Something catastrophic is wrong, but what?
  7. LesPro

    Homelite 330 carb

    I need help diagnosing my Homelite 330. First I am looking for an instruction manual or at least an exploded parts picture specific to my model#. I've found some online that are close but no cigar. The problem: Hard to start, when it does the idle runs away- way too high. The moment I take the...
  8. D

    Stihl MS211 - Huge List of Issues!

    Hi everyone, I bought a MS211 in used/not working condition with the claim that it had bogging/carburettor issues... oh boy did I let myself in for a ride. I was shown the saw when I first bought it, it would idle pretty well, however even the slightest amount of pressure on the throttle and it...
  9. M

    Buying a Echo CS-590- altitude tune

    I am wanting to buy a Echo cs-590 for general purpose. I purchased a small lot with a bunch of mulberry trees that need to be removed. I am in my small town small engine repair shop and the owner wants to sell me a 590 with 18" bar. I told him I want to buy one with a 20" bar. He said he'd sell...
  10. L

    Husqvarna 36 carb

    Does anyone have a detailed picture or diagram of a husqvarna 36 carb and how it is installed? Mine is apart and I cant remember how to put it back together. Specifically the choke and throttle levers on the right side. Cant figure out how the spring and stuff goes back with the choke lever...
  11. L

    Stihl MS170 bogging down

    This thing is killing me. I have a Stihl MS170. Recently it started bogging down when I would put any pressure on it. The carb was replaced. Still does it. If I get the chain up to speed and put it on the wood, it cuts nicely... until I put any pressure on it. There is also smoke coming from...
  12. Bedford T

    Husky 394 Carb Tester Needed

    hi if you own a husky 394 and would like to test a new free walbro wj71 send me a pm and i will hook you up. you will work directly with the vendor. send me a photo of the saw in the pm. one tester is needed. it sounds like they want to know if its a good carb that produces a solid response...
  13. J

    Need help tuning McCulloch MAC 1-10 Bullfrog Carb, turns over but won't stay running...

    Hey every one! First post on this forum, stumbled upon the site looking for some insight on how to tune the Mac bullfrog carb. Inherited this McCulloch Mac 110 from a friend of mine who passed away. She sat for about 10 to 15 years in storage. We had tried years ago to get her running only to...
  14. NoDakFire

    Factory Idle Speeds

    I'm trying to make a cheat sheet or pocket card for the guys at work to use when tuning saws. I'm having trouble tracking down the suggested idle settings for a few models that we own. I know tuning to ear is a better practice, but I need a quantifiable range to use as a baseline for the ones...
  15. B

    Dolmar 5105 starting issues

    Hi guys, I am having an issue with a dolmar 5105 that I purchased from a gentleman on this site a couple years ago. Easy start, fully adjustable carb, 5100s muffler to keep heat down, a tach to check rpms. About 25 hours on it since I got it. Not much use in it before I got it. I have run...
  16. S

    need help tuning titan 57

    I have a titan 57 that I have had since new. I stopped using it 4-5 years ago. I planned on reusing it again this year but oil lines were cracked. I replaced all fuel and oil lines, cleaned air filter, gave it a new spark plug and it started fine. Took it in the woods and found it would bog...
  17. Mac&Homelite

    New Stihl Zama Carb

    So some of us may know how expensive the oem carbs for a Stihl Ms361 are. Over a $100 for those who don't already know, one of the most expensive they have so naturally I was looking for a cheaper alternative. I hopped on amazon and found one of the few 361 carbs with some reviews, which were...
  18. W

    Poulan 2000 won't start

    I was recently given a poulan 2000. It will not start. It seems to have good enough compression, it has spark. I'm thinking maybe the carb? I just don't have much experience with them so any help on how to troubleshoot would be great.
  19. C

    Stock carb settings for 051AV?

    So I just replaced the piston and cylinder on my 051AV (early model) and I'm trying to get the carb (Tillosten) tuned. After the replacement, the saw fired right up and idled well, but the first time I pulled the throttle, the carb got stuck open so I pulled the carb off and cleaned it and it's...
  20. Pastornater

    Jonsered 2159c idling tuning issues

    Hi all, I have read many tuning posts and have applied a lot of what I have read. The chainsaw was running rough for a day, I put it away for a week and then I couldn't get it to start to save my life. I replaced the diaphragm and other basic carb kit parts. Pulled the head to make sure the...