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chain brake

  1. Z

    Want to buy Echo cs602 brake drum

    Hello I’m searching for a clutch/brake drum with sprocket for a echo CS-602vl or John Deere 60v. I believe ask from a cs-702vl or John Deere 70V. Part number 17520510230. Cant seem to find one for sale anywhere on the web. Trying to fix my grandpas saw he bought new. Thanks!
  2. MAngelotti1

    Want to buy 2100 CD brake parts

    I’m looking for Brake assembly for a 2100 cd. Do not need cover. Near mint saw looks like brake assembly was removed.
  3. Soapy239

    Want to buy 041av chain brake assembly

    Simply looking for some rocking horse ****. A full chain brake (quick stop) assembly for a stihl 041av. Alternatively if you have bits of one, please let me know, I'm happy to buy a few collections of bits and put it together myself I'm in the UK, but have a PO box for a mail forwarding...
  4. Everett Phillipston

    Husqvarna 61 chainbrake assembly

    Anyone feel like chiming in here about any tricks to get this back together? The mechanism is extremely stiff and I can’t get the brake to pivot as soon as I put the cam pin in. I’ve searched for videos online and found one about a 55 but it’s not the same. This is a circa 89/90 era saw. I had...
  5. Phileroo

    444se chain brake

    So i got a old husky 444se from my cousin who got it from a guy who got it from a guy who picked it up off the curb. Anyway i worked out most of the problems and now i'm down to the chain brake. Plain and simple, it doesn't stop the chain. Now i didn't take a micrometer to the band and check the...
  6. M

    Noise from clutch when chain brake is engaged

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Timber pro 62 cc saw pro series. Bought it as an affordable saw to work with until I can get a hold of a nice husky... It was running spot on, nice bit of power and cutting well.. until this evening, there was a sound of metal grinding and saw stopped. Tried to...
  7. L

    Chainsaw Clutch & Idle Mystery

    I have a used Craftsman 358351702 chainsaw. I opened up the clutch assembly and can see what looks like dark discoloration on the drum and clutch, plus some melted plastic on the chassis ("~12-1 o'clock" as viewed from the saw's right side) and on the chainsaw brake. I removed the excess...
  8. D

    Want to buy 009 chain brake sprocket cover

    hi there, I recently bought a 009 but it doesn't have a chain brake. I've search on eBay, US and Australia for a chain brake sprocket cover but I am having trouble tracking one down. Are there any good people out there who would consider selling one if you have a spare? I will pay shipping...
  9. D

    Husqvarna Chain Brake on While Changing Chain

    Hi Folks, If this is redundant, please direct me to the thread, but I didn't find anything. My buddy, a homeowner saw guy like myself, has a Husky saw, think it's a Rancher. He went to change the chain and took the side cover off without releasing the chain brake. He spent about two hours...