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  1. B

    Husqvarna 572xp damaged part

    hello, just wondering if anyone knows what this piece is for? Thanks
  2. kris1804

    Stihl 015L replacements

    Hi there I recently bought an old Stihl 015L and I have been taking it apart and ordering spare parts that I could find etc. and I have of course noticed how expensive it is to buy a new 3/8 sprocket. The spur gear i have found this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:518513 and will try a 3D...
  3. Paul Silvestri

    SOLD!!!! Husqvarna 372XP OE (DUCE) built

    Very nice 372xp oe @Duce built saw with maybe 2 tanks run on it. Got it in April and have since added brand new oem low top cover and oem side cover. two sets of felling spikes as well. large and standard size. large are oem and standard are aftermarket. Price is $500 plus shipping, Shipping...
  4. IJWallace

    Sachs Dolmar 116 no spark

    Hi, I bought a Sachs Dolmar 116 online, it started and ran. I stripped it down cleaned it and reassembled and now I can't get a spark. I checked and the spark plug is fine, I've checked the gap on the coil and that's set but still nothing. i didn't clean the ignition coil with any harsh...
  5. C

    Johnsered 920

    Hey y'all I'm looking to sell a johnsered 920 I'm looking for offers Cylinder ported lots of compression runs good carburetor could use to be tuned chain on it cuts like butter comes with another chain 22"
  6. T

    462 as an everyday?

    Was just wondering if anybody runs a 462 as a daily, I’m currently running a 550xp mark 2 with an 18 inch bar at work, the weight difference between them on paper is only half a kilogram, basically just wondering if people find the 462 comfortable to run 12 hours a day, I have a 461 at home and...
  7. Wandering ami

    028 av super rubuild

    Pardon me if i ramble a bit. I'm a city guy just moved into an off the grid cabin tucked away in the app. mtns. Picked up my first chainsaw this year from a friend. A ms170. Pulled the carburator and replaced it and off I went. Well, my next door neighbor (well next valley over) is a little...
  8. MattLinq

    McCulloch Identification

    I have two McCulloch chainsaws that are both gear drive and I do not know what model they are, I would really appreciate some help with the identification of these saws!
  9. M

    New old stock Pioneer 3071 bar

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has a list of the various part numbers for the original bars that fit a Pioneer 3071. I'm in the midst of a restoration and looking for a 18" bar with the original logo on it. Ideally new/old stock as the saw is for display. Thanks.
  10. X

    Stihl ms362 carb settings

    Recently cleaned up a Stihl ms362 that the previous owner was throwing out. They said it didn’t run right. They turned all the carb adjustment screws randomly and I can’t seem to get the chainsaw to run. It’s getting spark, fuel and air, but I’m guessing the idle jet , high speed jet and the...
  11. Nightrider412

    Want to Sell Stihl Ms261c-m

    Looking to sell my basically brand new 4/2017 MS261C-m I got this off for some work that I did since I’ve had it in the last two years I’ve only used it twice Everything is like brand new on it the bar is straight the chain is original It’s a professional saw Heavy duty I never got to really use...
  12. D

    Stihl MS211 - Huge List of Issues!

    Hi everyone, I bought a MS211 in used/not working condition with the claim that it had bogging/carburettor issues... oh boy did I let myself in for a ride. I was shown the saw when I first bought it, it would idle pretty well, however even the slightest amount of pressure on the throttle and it...
  13. Cmace5

    201 TC High Idle Issues Etc.

    I have a 201 TC M Tronic. Less than 2 years old. About 2 weeks ago it started having issues with not Starting out of the blue, even after being run 30 Seconds previously. It still sometimes takes up to 40 pulls to get it going again. Then no issues until it feels like it. Within this last week...
  14. K

    Stihl 034 help

    Was running fine. Got home. Tried to start it up again. Cord oulled iut of my hand as the piston reached the top of the cylinder. Checked exhaust. No blockages. Removed spark plug. Pulls fine. Reinstalled plug, a little loose, and could hear air escaping from plug when pulled. Added a few ml...
  15. T

    Guide bar 'profiles'

    After looking at the many guide bars that have been made from the early 1900s to today. Ive started to wonder about the varying profiles or silhouettes of guide bars. The early ones seem to be much taller, when viewing them mounted on the saw. The radius of the tips were much bigger. Some...
  16. U

    SOLD!!!! Chain Sharpener Bench Grinder Super Jolly Or Oregon 620

    I am in the market for a new or not abused Super Jolly or (same thing) Oregon 620 Hydraulic bench chain sharpener. Let me know if you have one, we can discuss the price and shipping. Tecomec Super Jolly 700-010 Oregon 620-120, Oregon 551462 I am considering the 410 but am leaning towards the...
  17. T

    Homelite C-51, ignition, and bar selection. In the correct forum now.

    Hello, just created my account. Decided to come down from lurking in the woods to the warm and tidy campfire that is arboristsite. I just recently purchased a nonrunning Homelite C-51 convertable drive for $10. The two main problems with it are it has no spark, and the 20" windsor bar was...
  18. T

    Homelite C-51, ignition, bar selection

    Hello, just created my account. Decided to come down from lurking in the woods to the warm and tidy campfire that is arboristsite. I just recently purchased a nonrunning Homelite C-51 convertable drive for $10. The two main problems with it are it has no spark, and the 20" windsor bar was...
  19. K

    SOLD!!!! McCulloch Super 797

    Selling my running/cutting Super 797. PM if interested.
  20. E

    What chain for old Jonsered?

    Pictures: https://ibb.co/2dmZQnV https://ibb.co/9syvqcc https://ibb.co/1nc9DMz Hello- I'm very new to working on chainsaws, and just use it for home use. Chopping down trees, bucking them up, etc. My dad gave me this saw rebuilt for christmas a couple years ago and it's time for a new chain...