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  1. Kensie1988

    Want to Sell Lombard AP-42 with parts saw

    My buddy Ken is getting rid of these two saws, I’m calling the second a parts Saw but could very well be a runner, it’s just missing the starter cover. Both have good compression and the complete Saw runs on prime. He is looking to get $150 plus shipping for both. Shoot me a PM if your interested.
  2. B

    Chainsaw Carb Upgrade

    So I have 3 chainsaws - 1 poulan, 1 homelite, and 1 husqvarna. All are residential saws, all I dislike to a varried extent. It seems to me, the big problem with these saws are the carb/air filter assembly. Their pretty shitty. So I was wondering if you could upgrade to a pro carb and filter. I...
  3. TheHomeliteKid

    Chainsaw Milling on a Budget

    Hi, I new here so I'm kind of learning how to navigate the site and figure things out. Anyways, I found some really nice logs in the bush near my cottage and I would like to mill them to make some money for college. Currently, my biggest saw is a Stihl MS270 running a 20" bar and at 50cc, I know...
  4. Austin Roberts

    Introducing the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool

    We’ve combined three essential forestry tools into one innovative back-saving design, creating the ultimate chainsaw, portable sawmill, and log splitter assistant. The LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool Set combines: 1. Log Hauler: This patented design saves your back from the strain caused by...
  5. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! MS361

    Low hour 361, it had a lean run condition that I fixed by replacing the fuel line, I’m assuming it was run like that for awhile because the piston was roached, I put a new OEM piston in, the cylinder had some marks showing, but I couldn’t hang a nail or anything on it, so I started with 300 grit...
  6. C

    Anyone got any info on this vintage saw?

    Found in grandfathers old woodworking shop. Never seen one like it. Any info, worth..etc greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone ne
  7. A

    Is this a fake 660?

    Just wondering if this is a fake MS 660? I've not seen an intake like this one with Stihl in the middle. It's from Ebay. Supposedly a refurb.
  8. Aufdy's lawn

    Stihl 039 rebuild

    I picked up an 039 for next to nothing, but it is trashed. I'm looking to rebuild and I was wondering if I should just replace the top end, or order an entire engine that is ready to install. The Piston is scored, and the rings are stuck. The jug is scored as well. I'm just wondering if I can...
  9. C

    Selling my husqavarna 335 xpt top handle

    This saw is in excellent condition I just had it gone threw had the carb rebuilt the oiler changed new gas lines you can call or text @ 3853094556 with questions.
  10. Kensie1988

    Sachs Dolmar Injector Carburetors

    After reading Mr. Marks post and learning a little bit about the Sachs injector carbs it got me wondering how exactly it works, does anyone have any literature or can break it down and explain it to me, that way if I ever need to make repairs on mine I know what going on internally.
  11. W

    Poulan 2000 won't start

    I was recently given a poulan 2000. It will not start. It seems to have good enough compression, it has spark. I'm thinking maybe the carb? I just don't have much experience with them so any help on how to troubleshoot would be great.
  12. mcCafferine

    a message from mcbobs daughter Cath

    Just wanted to say thankyou for ur warm thoughts and messages. Its so comforting to know that a lot of u loved him as much as we did. Thankyou to those who reached out and let us know that ur thoughts were with us, i know it has got me thru sum difficult days. This forum filled a lot of time...
  13. Kensie1988

    MS 361 Rebuild Help

    I'm rebuilding a MS 361, I ordered a Tecomec Piston and cylinder kit that I will be using for the build, it is Nikasil plated and made in Italy like Meteor, and I know tecomec used to make OEM cylinders for Husky (or maybe it was just heresay). I have already pulled the cylinder to check if it...
  14. E

    Your opinion?

    What you think about my stihl 026?
  15. S

    So I want to build a chainsaw winch...

    I want to build a chainsaw winch (because I really don't want to spend $500- $600 on a professionally built one...) and I'm thinking I'll use a standard hand crank winch and build off of that. First off, does anyone have experience building there own chainsaw winch? I also want to get a heavy...
  16. MedicMike

    SOLD!!!! Stihl MS880 41" Bar & 2 Chains

    Hi, new member but not new to the site! I've read about a couple ads with an 880 that were bogus and hope mine doesn't fall through the cracks! Selling my 880 with 41" bar and 2 chains. Purchased brand new and not run as much as I'd hoped, (still has all the paint on the bar...) and runs...
  17. Bailey's Inc.

    Get a Free 6 Pack of Husqvarna 2-Cycle Fuel with a 460 Rancher Chainsaw

    Get a Free 6 Pack of Husqvarna 2-Cycle Fuel with a 460 Rancher Chainsaw + Extend Your Warranty by 2 Years! http://baileysmedia.com/newsletter/jul3_2017/?src=HV0717&utm_source=jul2_2017_hv_facebook&utm_medium=facebook&utm_term=Husqvarna460RancherSaw&utm_campaign=jul2_2017_hv_facebook
  18. Tomas Caballero

    Stihl 038 Magnum 2 chain spins at idle. Ordered new tension springs but ...

    First time post for long time lurker. I've learned a lot from the site. I have a craigslist find Stihl 038 AV Magnum 2 that chain spins at idle. Although the clutch springs look fine, I'm going to replace them as based on other threads I'm convinced that's the problem. Clutch shoes are in...
  19. Mac&Homelite

    The Beg For Literature Thread

    Hello all! I am trying to emulate some of the other well known threads in where a person asks for literature about a saw mode, and someone posts material l that would go beyond the normal IPL, service & owners manual. I'm thinking of things like period pictures put out by the company, ads...
  20. L

    Chainsaw Clutch & Idle Mystery

    I have a used Craftsman 358351702 chainsaw. I opened up the clutch assembly and can see what looks like dark discoloration on the drum and clutch, plus some melted plastic on the chassis ("~12-1 o'clock" as viewed from the saw's right side) and on the chainsaw brake. I removed the excess...